Seal Team Season 5: Seal Team Military Drama Moves to Paramount+ | And More Updates!

Bravo Team is back again!

Welcome back again to the seal team again for the 5th season as it recharged in May 2021 and finally started to premiere this October 10, 2021.

The new season came with full drama as you all know that the military team is back for the activities and war. We hope that this new season will receive a positive response so that the audience will get next season also.

Is the Seal Team season 5 the last season of this military drama? There is no news for the Seal Team season 6 at this moment as currently season 5 is running from October 10, 2021.

Will the new season of this series be picked up by Paramount+? Yes, the new season is picked by Paramount but its starting four episodes will air on CBS before moving it to Paramount+ for the rest of the episodes and the future seasons.

When Will the Seal Team Season 5 Come?

Seal Team Season 5

Firstly the seal team series came to end but finally renewed and the show was picked up by Paramount+. The newly branded season 5 first episode premiered on CBS and then on Paramout+ till episode 4 and then left episodes will directly premiere on Paramount+.

Seal Team officially released on October 10, 2021 and I hope fans give their love to this season also like the previous seasons.

So, it is good news to all one that a military and war drama has arrived already after its viewership declines in season 4 of this American Drama.

Officially there is no announcement that this will be the last and the final season which indirectly indicates that we have more and lot of things to be watched in the upcoming episodes and season. So, the story will hopefully not end in this season 5.

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Seal Team Season 5 Episodes

Seal Team Season 5

There are 14 episodes in new seal team season 5 out of which 4 episodes are going to premiere on CBS from October 10 to October 31, 2021and then on Paramount+ for the rest of the episodes.

These are the titles or names of the first three episodes of Seal Team Season 5-

  • Episode 1- Trust, But Verify: Part 1
  • Episode 2- Trust, But Verify: Part 2
  • Episode 3- Nine Ten and the title of the fourth episode is not shown and we will update this section when new episode details are added on the internet.

Seal Team Season 5: Actors

These are the Cast members or the actors who are performing and reprising their roles in the new season.

Bravo team is back-

David Boreanaz came back for the seal team season 5 to reprise his role as Jason Hayes. Along with David other characters are back to reprise their role as Clay Spenser and Sonny Quinn and these are played by Max Thieriot and A.J. Buckley. Raymond Perry played by Nell Brown Jr. and Lisa Davis character played by Toni Trucks are again back for the new season.

There may be new faces in the cast or the makers will take all the cast as they are in season 4 to continue the military drama series.

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Seal Team Season 5: Plot and Episode 1

Seal Team Season 5

In this section you will get to know what is coming in season 5 and what is in the first episode of seal team season 5.

The first episode or part 1 of Season 5 is “Trust, But Verify: Part 1” in the first part you will see that all were shocked on the Bravo when it was revealed that they are given training to take out the weapons expert and complete the mission by taking him from the world’s most dangerous countries.

This season premiered its episodes on Sunday and the first episode came on October 10 at 10-11 pm, ET/PT on CBS TV Network and also stream on Demand on Paramount+.

The excitement for the next episode is more as the team is heading to North Korea and let’s see what will happen in the next episode as first episode left all of us to solve the big problem that they had to face.

Trailer of Seal Team Season 5

Where to Watch Seal Team Season 5?

You can currently stream this season 5 on CBS and on Paramount+. For the other previous seasons you can watch them on Pluto TV for free, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Google Play Movies & TV’s, Apple TV and on Vudu by taking their subscriptions.

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Last Lines

Seal Team series is the good drama whose first season came in 2017 and the show is currently running with season 5.

The series received 7.6 out of 10 IMDB rating and 9.3 out of 10 on Premiere Date, which simply signifies that it is a good and lovable drama to watch. If you want to read its previous season then we also have a proper article on that one also on our website.