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Scrubs Season 10 | Release Date | Story and More

Are you guys waiting for Scrubs season 10? , then you have arrived at the right place. After the final episode of Scrubs season 8, no one wondered of Scrubs season 9. But luckily, it arrived on the screens. Now fans are looking for season 10. We will talk about the release dates, cast, trailer, and more of Scrubs season 10. Let’s hope that we quench your thirst for Scrubs season 10.

Scrubs is an American medical-comedy sitcom. Scrubs has been one of the early comers of this genre may this was the reason for its huge success.

Season 1 of Scrubs came out on 2nd October 2001. Bill Lawerence and Niel Goldman co-produced the show. Scrubs season 1 had twenty-four episodes each, 20-23 minutes long.

The sitcom production division of Walt Disney Television produces the Scrubs TV series. It got premiered on NBC.

Scrubs Season 10

Scrubs TV series had received a BET Award in 2006 and also Emmys under its hood.

The series has featured multiple guest appearances by film actors, such as Brendan Fraser, Heather Graham, and Colin Farrell.

Scrubs was on the road to no production after NBC announced its discontinuation after the seventh season. Luckily ABC announced its adaption of the TV series and, the eighth season finally came out in 2009.

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When is Scrubs Season 10 releasing?

With a heavy heart, we have to tell you that there will be no Scrubs season 10.

The last season that premiered on television was Scrubs season 9. Scrubs season 9 aired on ABC in 2009. On 14th May 2010, an announcement came from ABC that they have officially canceled the series.

Zach Braff posted a picture from his Twitter account of the complete cast of the show. The image caption said “Season 10” as if he was teasing a revival of the show.

This tweet was a ray of hope for the many fans of the show. We hope that someone continues the production of the series and we get Scrubs season 10.

You can keep checking us for regular updates about season 10 of Scrubs. We are very consistent with our posts.

The Plot of Scrubs. What can we expect about Scrubs season 10?

Well, we may have some good news about Scrubs season 10. Season 9 of the show was pretty successful. Critics were going nuts after the release of Scrubs season 9.

The news is that NBC might bring back fan-favorite show Scrubs, and you get to see the iconic Scrubs season 10.

Scrubs Season 10

Season 9 got a viewership of over 11million people and, with some rave reviews from the critics, NBC has shown some interest in reviving the show.

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We all are eagerly waiting for Scrubs season 10. It is an exceptional sign for Scrubs that NBC wants to bring it back.

Back in 2001, when the series was first introduced, the audience found something fresh and unique in the show. It became an instant hit and a star in people’s eyes.

It is known for its fast-paced story, slapstick humor. Created by Bill Lawrence, it has been one of the most successful shows in television history. Scrubs is a side-splitting situational comedy that follows the life of people working at a fictional Sacred Heart Hospital.

Dr. John Micheal narrates the story from his unique point of view.

Zach Braff is the protagonist of the show for eight seasons.

From season 9 of Scrub, the theme of the show is still the same. However, a new main character comes, Lucy Bennett.

With Bill’s comic timings and Zach’s voice-over, the show has been phenomenal.

Scrubs Season 10

The episodes have multiple storylines running side by side. The first few seasons are covered to build a strong background of the main character. As J.D. describes his story, the shows become more and more exciting.

We might expect the same story-telling in Scrubs season 10 as this has been a fan favorite.

What is the Cast of Scrubs Season 10?

Though we all know Scrubs season 10 is very unpredictable in terms of its release.

The showrunners are very successful with the present and, we hope that they will not experiment with their success formula.

  • Zach Braff as John D. Micheal
  • Sarah Chalke as Elliot Reid
  • Donald Faison as Christopher Turk
  • Neil Flynn as The Janitor
  • Robert Maschio as The Todd
  • Aloma Wright as Laverne Roberts
  • Eliza Coupe as Denise Mahoney

Where Can you Watch Scrubs Season 10?

Scrubs season 10 is yet not released, yet you can still watch other seasons(S1-S9) here:

Ratings of Scrubs


Sacred Heart Hospital is home to many stories. The narration of these stories is by Dr. Jonh Dorian. stories are from Dr. J.D’s unique point of view. All we can say is that it is a good time pass and a must-watch.

Scrubs Season 10

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