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Scott Disick and Kimberly Stewart ‘Are Dating’: How Their Friendship Became Romantic

Scott Disick and Kimberly Stewart 'Are Dating

A source recently told US Weekly that Scott Disick is dating Kimberly Stewart following his split with Rebecca Donaldson. An insider revealed to the media outlet that the couple had been dating for some months. According to the source, the creator of Talentless and the native of Los Angeles are “very into each other.” Scott has known Kimberly for a very long time. According to a second account, the two of them originally met through her brother Sean Stewart.

A source informed Us that the couple broke up in June of 2022 and that they were never serious. Rebecca Donaldson is a professional model. In addition to this, she is a businesswoman. She is the founder of the Muse Activewear company. Her company's primary objective is to supply athleisurewear to ambitious, inspired women.

The source divulged additional information regarding the Flip It Like Disick star and Kimberly Stewart‘s relationship, saying, “They had the same friend group and socialized in the same circles.” According to an informant, once the couple went from being friends to lovers, they waited a time before going public with their relationship, indicating that it is not yet serious.

Kourtney Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, 39, and Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly Stewart, 42, are dating after months of rumors. However, a source close to the reality star informed HollywoodLife that they are proceeding cautiously. “Yes, they are dating, but they are taking things day by day,” a friend informed us. They believe labels are unnecessary because they have been friends for so many years. They have always had a great deal of affection for one another and will continue to do so regardless of the outcome.”

The insider went on to say that Kimberly's family is supportive of the fledgling romance, while Scott's loved ones are “optimistic” that the new age-appropriate romance would flourish. People in Scott's inner circle are optimistic that this could work because they share many similarities.

“Scott observed how Kourtney fell in love with Travis Barker, who was previously only a friend. He realizes how happy she is and how their strong foundation is due in large part to their friendship. He was mistaken in assuming that his friendship with Kimberly could not develop into something more. They are taking things one day at a time, but they care for one another on so many levels, and her entire family approves!”

A second person close to Scott has stated that the pair's friendship has evolved into something more significant. “They were initially very secretive about their relationship, but it wasn't difficult to keep it a secret because they've been friends for so long,” an insider told HollywoodLife in separate comments.

“Scott is extremely close with her brother, so nobody gave him much thought when he visited her home or spent time with her family. Because he has known her father for a very long time through his connection with Sean, he fits right in with the family.”

Following Scott and Kimberly's August 21 supper at Georgio Baldi in Santa Monica, the statements were made. Even though they have been spotted dining out previously, this particular sighting drew attention since they were holding hands during the romantic outing.

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