Scorpion Season 5 Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED?

Are you waiting for the bunch of geniuses to solve the crime again in season 5? Will the CBS series Scorpion season 5 ever return? There are many questions arising in your mind as fans are demanding more to watch in scorpion season?

Is it true that Scorpion is cancelled after its 4 seasons? The Answer for these questions is yes. Action American drama Scorpion is cancelled by the CBS network after the series is run continuously for 4 seasons.

The scorpion is based on the life of executive producer Walter O’Brien and with his friends to solve the cases and problems around the world and save lives.

Movie/Series Name Scorpion season 5
Movie Genre Crime Series
Release Date Cancelled


What Happened to Scorpion season 5?

Will the police procedural crime drama series be renewed for season 13 or it has been cancelled? This American crime drama series runs from 2005 and it is one of the longest-running TV series of Fox network.

This scorpion series became the warm hearted crime drama series of CBS when it came and was most watched by the audience. But the ratings fell after season 2 which tooks the CBS to cancel the show.

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Through the time Scorpion was officially cancelled by CBS, the cast appeared to have come to terms with the show’s early cancellation. Katherine McPhee, who played Paige, a former waitress, tweeted shortly after the news was announced:-

CBS Primetime executive vice president also compared the show with The Big Bang Theory and said “We really looked at it as kind of an extension of The Big Bang Theory, but in the drama world.”

2 years have passed since season 5 of scorpion is cancelled but still fans are fighting for the new season to be renewed by Netflix or any other platforms. Let’s find out everything about the new season of scorpion.

The first season of scorpion aired in September 2014 on CBS Network and it is a crime solving geniuses story which is about a lovable group.

The group has engineers, hackers, mathematicians and more focused on a little boy. But it is sad for the viewers that CBS cut off the series after they released 4 seasons of Crime drama.

Now fans are waiting for season 7 of Teen Wolf, which is popular enough, which runs for 6 seasons successfully.


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Scorpion Season 5

About Scorpion Series

American action and crime drama was launched in 2014 and created by Nick Santora on the original network CBS.

Scorpion series stars are Katharine McPhee, Elyes Gabel, Jadyn Wong, Eddie Kaye Thomas and many more and the story is based on the life of Walter O’Brien, an executive producer who also remained the expert on computers.

In the show Walter O’Brien role is played by Elyes Gabel who performed the leading role in the series and tries to solve complex cases on a global level and saves the lives of the people.

There are mixed reviews for the first season however ratings of the show starts declining from the 3rd season.

“It’s a solidly constructed CBS drama pilot per usual, though it’s overly sentimental in this first hour, pandering and a lot broader than it probably needed to be. But the cast is good and the pilot’s over-the-top nature (there’s an airliner involved) hints at a combination of nerd babble mixed with action and that’s not the worst thing you’ll see on TV this season”. Said by the widely popular tabloid.

Why Was Scorpion Cancelled After Four Seasons by CBS?

Scorpion Season 5

Scorpion season is not the same as the other popular shows. It starts shaky from its beginning and never keeps up with the punches to continue for long.

Ratings is the main cause for the CBS not to renew the new 5th season as the ratings of the season starts declining and that’s why they declared season 4 is the last season of the scorpion which comes in 2018 in which we had fights against the crimes by the genius team and how they save lives.

It is very painful for the viewers and shocked when the cancellation news comes to them but the cast didn’t get shocked and they are happily moving to the other series to make it and thanks for the beautiful cast they had.

To bring back the show fans even started online protest where fans had to sign a “#SaveScorpion” petition so that they can bring the show back on their request.

When we were children, we use to play thieves and police games or even sometimes we dressed ourselves as a cop or a detective who have to solve the mysteries of murder or crime?

Emotional goodbye to the series is also shared by an Actor Robert Patrick on his “Twitter” post and said “Thank you to all the fans. The writers, the crew, the cast, and CBS — it’s been a great story to tell and a hell of a run! On to the next!”.


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Watch Trailer For the Scorpion Final Series

A Lie in the land episode trailer

People Also Asked Questions-

Is Scorpion back For Season 5?

No, the season is not back for the 5th season as it was cancelled by CBS due to a fall in ratings.

Who Has the Highest IQ in Scorpion?

Walter O’Brien has the highest IQ in the scorpion series.

Is Scorpion a True Story?

Scorpion Season 5

Scorpion is the high-octane drama about the life of O’Brien and is based on the true story of a computer and its hacking genius and its team who are recruited by Homeland Security’s Detective Gallo.

Who is Tim in Scorpion?

Tim Armstrong role is played by an actor Scott Porter for the 3rd and the 4rd season of the scorpion.

Last Lines

Scorpion is the most interesting crime drama of CBS which ran for 4 seasons and decided to cancel when its ratings went down. You can also watch more crime and thriller dramas on like Monarca season 2 and 3 and bones season 13 and many more.