Scissor Seven Season 4: Is Redtooth Still Alive? Does Scissor Seven Have a Season 4 Planned?

Redtooth has mint green hair and thin red eyes that show the blood demon inside. It looks like his ears have gold hoops and he has a gold ankle bracelet on. To protect his mouth, he also wraps a blue scarf around it. He has an angled face that goes down to a slope, and he has a thin body. When he paints his fingernails, they are pointed at the tips and in a dark colour that looks either black or very dark green.

When he is changed, he gets a faded lime green skin tone, and his teeth become sharper and more blood-red (hence his killer name). As long as his pupils are still red, his eyes go completely black and become a little thinner, but they stay the same size.

When he was young, he looked a lot like him. He had dark green eyes and wore the robes of the Sky Lotus Sect.

History of a Character

During Season 1:
When he was young, he was called Ah Quan and was part of the Sky Lotus Sect, training to reject his emotions for strong spiritual energy. Because Jiang Huilian was his senior, he fell in love with her. He then told her how much he loved her, and she said yes. She turned him down because she was about to become the next leader of the sect.

His anger got the best of him and so did his deal with the Blood Demon. He became a violent monster that could get energy from his enemies by taking their blood. He went back to the Sky Lotus Sect and killed a lot of people there. They stopped him and helped him get better before he died, which led to them being kicked out of the sect.

He joins Xuanwu’s Shadow Assassins at a point in time that can’t be said for sure. When Seven joined them, Redtooth tried to kill him because he was angry that someone with no history of killing was getting the chief’s attention. Qing Feng stopped him.

During Mission 9: Redtooth, he goes to Chicken Island and tells Jiang to get rid of the seal she put on him to keep him from being powerful. As soon as Seven kissed Jiang and regained her powers, the fight is over for him. She stops her attack because she was afraid that her purification methods would kill him if he tried to fight against them.

He used this moment to bite Seven, and he gets a huge power boost from him. Finally, he saw Seven and decided to use the chance to settle the duel they had six years ago. Blue Phoenix makes a barrier around them to keep people from interfering or watching their fight, which leads to Redtooth and Seven’s fight.

Redtooth almost kills Seven because he has no more strength to fight. Seven is saved by Blue Phoenix, who fights off Redtooth and kills him. After Redtooth died and Seven won, Seven and Blue Phoenix made up a storey about how Seven killed Redtooth, and everyone believed them even though they didn’t know who killed Redtooth.

Scissor Seven Season 4

“Season 3”
Redtooth is mentioned in the very first episode when Seven is in the Miracle Doctor’s infirmary with Dai Bo, Xiao Fei, and De Chun. Even though it isn’t shown, it is mentioned. It looks like Chairman Jiang is talking to the doctor and showing him Redtooth’s earrings in the background as he does so. As soon as the credits roll, you can see Redtooth in the original shrine where he made his first blood deal. He is chained to a woman who looks like she is from the Sky Lotus Sect while he bathes in the red blood. He has been completely healed of all of his wounds. It’s possible that she is Chairman Jiang and helped him get back up. Now that he’s back, he seems to be even angrier than before. Now, not only do they want to fight Seven, but they also want to kill Blue Phoenix.

Abilities and ways to do things
Blood Demons make a deal.

They Were at the Shrine of the Blood Demon

It was because of Jiang that we have “White Lotus Seal.” The Blood Demon was put inside his body and could not get out again. In exchange for being the host, he was given the power of the Blood Demon, which made him stronger and more powerful. He used his ability to drink blood from his enemies to get their energy and strength. Strong hosts are stronger.

The Blood Demon’s Defense

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Redtooth Used the Blood Demon Defense

Whenever Redtooth feels like he has too much to do, he asks the blood demon to give him “Blood Demon Defense,” which seems to be very durable but isn’t. It can be broken.

He’s at his limit.

His body gets tired because of the White Lotus Seal.


He is unstable and has a bad temper. It broke his heart when Jiang didn’t accept him. After being heartbroken, he made a deal with the blood demon and killed many people from his sect. He’s a bloodthirsty person who likes to fight strong people. First, Seven tries to kill Blue Phoenix. When Blue Phoenix stops him, he thinks it’s a way to welcome him into the Shadow Assassins group.

Scissor Seven Season 4


In the past, Chairman Jiang Redtooth was in love with his senior. So much so that he once asked to run away with him, but was turned down. Because she wanted to know the secrets of the Sky Lotus Sect, he still thinks she turned him down because she wanted to know more about them. Despite this, he doesn’t like how she sounds like their old master. Even though she had a bounty, he says he would rather not kill her.

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He doesn’t like him because he was angry that he didn’t have a history of killing. He also tried to kill him, but they also seem to be rivals. Instead of leaving to tell the chief that he is alive, he used the time to settle the duel they had six years ago. Redtooth, who was previously known as Ah Quan, is the main antagonist of Scissor Seven () in Season 2. In Season 3, he is still an antagonist, but he died in the first episode. I think he is one of seven shadow assassins in the city called Zhuhai, but I can’t be sure. He has been taken over by the Blood Demon, which gives him his strength. He had a history with him.

Netflix Has Yet to Reveal the Release Date for Season 4 of Scissor Seven

The Following Episode

Scissor Seven has yet to be scheduled.
The show is either on hiatus or the new season has not yet been announced. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.