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Say I Love You Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Crew, Synopsis and More

say i love you season 2 release date

If you love sentiment-pressed dramatic anime, you ought to watch β€˜Say I Love You Season 1β€˜. If currently done, you are presumably looking for Say I Love You Season 2. The series is the adaptation of the manga of a similar name, created by Kanae Hazuki.

As the name proposes, the series is a love-based story of a high student and a young girl Mei. The tale of anime these days adjusts the high school content, the case with this show is as well. Be that as it may, it serves a different plot, which helps in relating the story to the outdated pound.

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Renewal Status of the Say I Love You Season 2!

Sukette ii na yo additionally includes a typical high-school arrangement for its plot. In any case, its execution and depiction made it different from different shows. Nonetheless, the viewers will still run over a few predictable minutes on the grounds that the story will head in just a single direction. A few fans likewise found it engaging as they additionally had a serious relationship in their high-school.

So in general, the anime got a decent viewership and nice reaction from the critics. Yet, that wasn't enough for Zexcs to create Say I Love You Season 2. The studio hasn't officially declared the destiny of the anime series. They didn't declare regardless of whether they would drop or restore the show. Thus, the aficionados of this sentiment classic are still waiting to hear something from the producers.

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Say I Love You Season 2 Release Date

The producers presently can't seem to give the show the all-unmistakable. Is there going to be a subsequent season? Indeed, that is a little confusing.

It's been almost 10 years since the show aired, consequently, there are no words to describe Say I love you season 2. This series' first season premiered in October of 2012 and consisted of 13 episodes. A single OVA episode was subsequently delivered as a development. There have been no hints since then regarding whether the story will continue.

A manga series adaption has sufficient material briefly season, so we can expect that the Say I love you season 2 will continue. It endured from 2008 to 2017 and there were just 29 parts in season one. To the extent that the availability of source material goes, it's above and beyond. Subsequently, we estimate that the chances of the being reestablished are around 50/50. We'll hit you up when we know more.

Say I Love You Season 2 Synopsis

The story hasn't been given the approval at this point. Nonetheless, if the story advances to Say I love you season 2, we've taken in a couple of things about what we can anticipate.

In the beginning of the story, the characters, Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa, are introduced. Mei Tachibana, a high school understudy, is continually unsure about her shortcomings. In any case, Yamato backs her up on the grounds that he has a weakness for her.

Mei finally deals with her feelings for him after all the apprehension, and the story arrives at a satisfying conclusion. Nonetheless, there are still various issues to be managed. Which direction would they say they are going to take? If there is a subsequent season, we'll get to see the couple's future. In addition, in light of the fact that the plot is so predictable, there will be considerably more tension and complexities this time around.

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Say I Love You Season 2 Cast

During Season 2, we'll get to see the show's two protagonists again, who have been wildly renowned in the last season.

Yamato Kurosawa, the well known high school understudy who aided Mei all through the novel, will be introduced. Mei Tachibana, Yamato's previous fire, will likewise show up. It's possible that a few new characters will be introduced as the plot advances.


The inaugural season of the anime consists of thirteen episodes alongside an ODA. In comparison, the manga of this series has eighteen volumes. Furthermore, that implies the creators are yet to take on a great deal of source material into anime. Indeed, even they have sufficient material to make Say I Love You Season 2 back in 2014. However, Zexcs studios did not pick up the show. Since now the manga series finished three years back, the possibilities of the following season diminished continuously in light of the fact that now the producers have nothing to advance.

The romantic dramatizations are not so well known when contrasted with other action-dream anime shows. Along these lines, as of now, it unlikely that Zexcs or some other studio to pick up the eight years of age show to make its subsequent season. It is not officially reported, yet the wide range of various variables are hinting that Say I Love You Season 2 has been dropped. Along these lines, it is likely that the fans won't ever see the second season of this sentiment anime.

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