Sarah Harding Net Worth: Her Worth Is Much More Than What You Think and What Is Revealed!

Sarah Nicole Harding was brought into the world on November seventeenth of 1981 in Ascot, Berkshire, England. Raised close by two relatives, Harding concentrated on hair and excellence at Stockport College in the wake of moving on from secondary school in 1998.

Over the course of the following couple of years, Harding worked various unspecialized temp jobs. She had a stretch filling in as an advertiser for clubs in Stockport, and she likewise worked at Pizza Hut. Different positions included driving a van, gathering obligations, and phone promoting.

While getting by, Harding additionally figured out how to propel her music career. She acted in neighborhood bars, social clubs, and procession parks. In 2002, she tried out for “Popstars: The Rivals” and “Popularity Academy.” Hedging her wagers, Sarah likewise participated in a marvel challenge run by FHM, despite the fact that she pulled out when she began to become fruitful through “Popstars: The Rivals.”

Sarah Harding Net Worth


In the wake of trying out for “Popstars,” Harding was picked as one of the ten finalists. Every week, an alternate young lady was disposed of from the gathering by means of a group of people vote.

In the end, Harding and four different young ladies turned into another pop gathering called Girls Aloud. The other four individuals were Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Tweedy, Nicola Roberts, and Kimberly Walsh.

In 2002, Girls Aloud delivered their most memorable single, named “Sound of the Underground.” It crested at number one on the UK diagrams, subsequently crushing the teen pop band that had likewise been framed as a feature of “Popstars.”

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This likewise implied that Girls Aloud had beaten out everyone else quicker than some other gathering in the wake of becoming shaped – a record they actually hold today. Their introduction collection “Sound of the Underground” was consequently delivered and before long accomplished platinum status.

Over the course of the following couple of years, Girls Aloud kept on delivering number-one singles and platinum collections.

They were likewise named for five Brit Awards and amassed huge number of pounds in net worth, becoming one of the most monetarily effective reality gatherings ever. Altogether, they have sold more than 4.6 million collections in the UK alone.

While Harding was encountering accomplishment with Girls Aloud, she likewise wandered into different pursuits. Sarah marked a 100,000-pound manage Ultimo underwear in 2006, and in 2007 she showed up in the film “St. Trinian’s.”

Over the following couple of years, Sarah kept on showing up in a scope of different movies and TV series, particularly after the gathering took a break in 2009. Her acting ventures included films like “Drop” and “Run for Your Wife.” During this period, Harding likewise kept on delivering music as an independent craftsman.

Sarah Harding Net Worth


Sarah Harding is well known for being in various high-profile connections throughout the long term. In 2011, she became drawn in to her beau Tom Crane. She had been dating the DJ for a long time preceding their commitment. Be that as it may, the pair canceled the relationship.

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In 2012, Harding started dating DJ Mark Foster. Their relationship went on until 2014. Moreover, Harding was sincerely connected to an American unscripted television star called Chad Johnson for a long time.

Substance Abuse

Sarah Harding has battled with substance misuse issues previously. In 2011, she registered herself with recovery in the wake of conceding she had become subject to liquor. Throughout the following couple of years, she cut down on her liquor utilization without really stopping totally.

Lawful Issues

In 2013, Sarah’s driving permit was suspended for quite a long time after she was discovered speeding in London. As of now, she previously had various “focuses” on her permit because of earlier driving offenses.

Wellbeing Concerns and Death

In 2020, Sarah Harding uncovered that she had been determined to have bosom disease. That, yet she likewise expressed that her malignant growth had spread all through her body.

Unfortunately, Sarah passed on September 5, 2021 at 39 years old.

Sarah Harding Net Worth


In 2008, it was uncovered that Sarah Harding had bought a home in St. Peter Chalfont, Buckinghamshire. She had recently lived in Camden, in spite of the fact that reports expressed that the artist was considering “settling down” with her then-sweetheart Tom Crane with this most recent procurement.

In 2010, Harding purportedly bought one more home in Ibiza with Tom Crane. The couple chose to purchase property on the Spanish island since they were investing such a lot of energy there.

Sarah Harding’s Net Worth

Sarah Harding was an English vocalist lyricist, entertainer, and model who was most popular for being an individual from the pop gathering Girls Aloud. Sarah Harding had a net worth of $9 million at the hour of her demise.

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Harding originally rose to noticeable quality subsequent to showing up in the ITV unscripted TV drama “Popstars: The Rivals.” Through this reality contest, Sarah won a spot in the young lady bunch Girls Aloud. As an individual from this staggeringly effective music bunch, Harding delivered various outline besting hits and six platinum collections.


Does Sarah Harding Have a Kid?

It’s making me cry simply mulling over everything.” Sarah likewise considered how out of her individual bandmates (Cheryl Tweedy, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts), she and Nicola are the two without kids and how shocked she was when Nadine was the primary individual from Girls Aloud to become a mother.

What Is Sarah Harding Popular For?

Sarah Nicole Harding (née Hardman; 17 November 1981 – 5 September 2021) was an English vocalist, model and entertainer. Her expert career started in 2002 when she effectively tried out for the ITV reality series Popstars: The Rivals, during which Harding won a spot in the young lady bunch Girls Aloud.

Sarah Harding Net Worth

How Much Is Cheryl Tweedy Worth?

Her net worth was assessed at £20 million in October 2014. Cheryl was married to England footballer Ashley Cole from July 2006 to September 2010.


However Sarah Harding was just 39 years of age when she kicked the bucket, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth, the vocalist has amassed a significant net worth of roughly $9 million.

Harding probably amassed the biggest part of her fortune during her experience with Girls Aloud. During their residency as one of the best all-young lady bunches in the United Kingdom, Girls Aloud sold more than 4.6 million collections in the United Kingdom and procured huge number of dollars.

Harding additionally procured a consistent pay from displaying gigs and appearances in films like “St. Trinians,” “Drop,” and “Run for Your Wife.” In 2006, Harding marked a £100,000-pound (or $138,649.91 today) manage the Ultimo underwear brand, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

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