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I know you are eagerly waiting for salvation season 3 and literally, you should be, because the last two seasons were designed in such a beautiful manner, that audience can’t resist themselves from watching Salvation season 3. So, in this article, I am going to discuss this only. Stay tuned till the end.  There is one of the biggest confusion if Salvation season 3 is really canceled? Well, I am covering all the required details about Salvation season 3. Read further to know whether there is a cancellation or not!

As you know ‘Salvation’ is an American suspense drama television series that airs on CBS. Created by Liz Krueger, Craig Shapiro, and Matt Wheeler, the show is a derivative of the Bruce Will starrer 1998 sci-fi film, ‘Armageddon, and follows a sequence of events where an MIT student learns that an asteroid is slated to hit the Earth in six months, capable of destroying all life.

Salvation in a Nutshell!

On July 12, 2001 season, 13 episodes, a relatively new show from Salvation, became an audience hit series as the audience hit the screen. Despite poor audience reviews and lukewarm reception from viewers, CBS renewed the show on October 18, 2017, for its second season. After less than a year, Season 2, which also includes 13 episodes, premiered on June 25, 2018. While fans of the show we’re expecting it to return for a third season, CBS did not indulge them and pulled the plug on ‘Salvation’ after season 2.

Well, what is signified? You must have got an idea of what I’m going to talk about next! Yes, your guesses are somehow correct!

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Canceled or Renewed? Salvation Season 3

I wish, neither we nor the inhabitants of Earth on the show would ever know ‘Salvation’ will not return for a third season. On November 20, 2017, CBS announced its decision to pull the plug on the show.

However, CBS’s decision to cancel ‘Salvation’ was not surprising at all, given that it received flak from critics and its ratings and viewers, by the end of season 2, it had dropped by 36% and 24%, respectively.Salvation-Season-3

Salvation Season 3: Plot

Salvation‘ revolves primarily around developments within the US government as they scramble to defend themselves from incoming asteroids. There is a lot of drama and violence along with this mob to prevent catastrophe as malicious actors are involved.

When the show begins and Liam realizes that the asteroid is on its way to a collision with Earth. He then tries to inform the US government. Ultimately, to thwart his failed plans, he manages to talk to US Deputy Defense Secretary Harris Edwards.

And that too with the help of billionaire scientist Darius Tanz. When Liam tells Harris about his discovery, Harris informs him and Darius that the US government is well aware of the impending confrontation. And they secretly work to avoid catastrophe.

He further tells them that the truth must remain behind the public to prevent the deterioration of the global political and economic system. However, as the show progresses, the truth starts leaking, and later it gets fully exposed. Primarily, the global economic and political system collapses.

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Moreover, countries go to war, resistance groups and defects are formed, and there is chaos all around. Simultaneously, complications arise regarding Darius’ plans to deal with the asteroid. And the end of season 2 ends with a Cliffner, suggesting that the asteroid, called Samson, is not an asteroid.


Frequently asked Questions

Why did they cancel Salvation Season 3?

However, CBS’s decision to cancel the ‘Salvation‘ was not surprising at all. It received flak from critics and its ratings and viewers, by the end of Season 2, there was a decline of 36% and 24%, respectively.

Is the Salvation season 3 trailer has released?

Since CBS canceled the show, there is no new trailer to look forward to. That being said, here’s the promo for season 2 to show you what’s in store for the show’s final season.

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