Saints and Sinners Have Been Renewed for a Sixth and Final Season on Bounce. Check Out the Trailer

In 2015, Bounce TV announced that “Saints and Sinners” would become the network’s inaugural drama (through Broadcasting+Cable). Set in the mould of “Empire,” the soapy mystery launched in 2016 and had typical theatrical themes set against the backdrop of a Baptist church in Georgia (via the Los Angeles Times) (via the Los Angeles Times).

It became Bounce TV’s breakout hit, with the second episode reaching 1.5 million people. A press release from Bounce TV instantly labelled it a “smash hit.” It has kept a good offering over the years, sometimes even surpassing the major networks in specific key demographics, according to The FutonCritic.

The show has now aired five seasons of eight episodes each. It broadcast seasons in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and then 2021 — omitting 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak but inserting a special named “Judgment Day” in early 2021. That means that should the program is renewed, fans may look forward to Season 6 next year. The following is what we know about upcoming “Saints and Sinners” installments.

Saints & Sinners Season 6

When Is the Release Date of Saints and Sinners Season 6?

“Saints and Sinners” has not yet been renewed for a sixth season, but many in the business anticipate it will. Bounce TV does not currently have a sizable stable of scripted series, and the soap opera appears to be continuing in its current form. According to a late-2019 news release from the network, the show’s viewership has been improving in recent seasons, with the fourth season garnering 7.1 million viewers. Bounce TV would be prudent to capitalise on that momentum even after the pandemic is over.

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The fact that it has not been renewed should not cause too much concern for fans. “Saints and Sinners” was renewed for a fourth season in January 2019 and began broadcasting the following July, despite the fact that Season 3 had concluded in May. The renewal of Season 5 was not announced until August 2020, about a year after the conclusion of Season 4. Given that previous seasons aired in the middle of the year, between April and August (per IMDb), production on the new season will almost certainly begin prior to any announcement. Season 6 may premiere in the spring or summer of 2022, barring any delays.


Saints & Sinners season 6 is the final season and airs April 3, 2022, on Bounce TV. It’s a drama based on the lives of some Baptist church-goers who are based in Georgia. The show stars Lady Ella Johnson (Vanessa Bell Calloway), a well-renowned beauty queen, who must navigate her way around the head of the church choir Miles Calloway (Keith Robinson), and Pastor Darryl Greene (David Banner).

Who Is in the Cast of Saints and Sinners Season 6?

Because Season 6 hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s no solid information on which cast members will or won’t be back. Like other soaps, the drama series has a vast cast, and comings and goings are typical – it’s not unusual for numerous actors to play a single part over time. According to IMDb, Season 5’s cast included Vanessa Bell Calloway as Ella, J.D.

Williams as Jabari, Dawn Halfkenny as Angela, Clifton Powell as Rex, Tami Roman as Felicia, Jasmine Burke as Christie, Gregory Alan Winters as Victor, Patrice Fisher as Stacia, Karlie Redd as Paige, Keith Robinson as Miles, Christian Keyes as Levi, Demetria McKinney as Tamara, Karon Riley as Malik, Donna Biscoe as Lady Leona, and Tray Chaney as Kendrick.

Ty Scott conceived the series, and its executive producers include Scott, Ri-Karlo Handy, and Elizabeth Kealoha. Its showrunner is Nigel Campbell, who also acts as an executive producer.

Saints & Sinners Season 6 - What We Know So Far

What Is the Plot of Saints and Sinners Season 6?

Due to the fact that Season 6 has not yet been announced, there is no firm information regarding which cast members will or will not return. As is the case with most soap operas, the drama series features a huge cast and frequent cast changes – it is not uncommon for numerous actors to perform the same character over time.

According to IMDb, Vanessa Bell Calloway starred as Ella, J.D. Williams starred as Jabari, Dawn Halfkenny starred as Angela, Clifton Powell starred as Rex, Tami Roman starred as Felicia, Jasmine Burke starred as Christie, Gregory Alan Winters starred as Victor, Patrice Fisher starred as Stacia, Karlie Redd starred as Paige, Keith Robinson starred as Miles, Christian Keyes starred as Levi,

The series was created by Ty Scott, with Scott, Ri-Karlo Handy, and Elizabeth Kealoha serving as executive producers. Nigel Campbell, who is also an executive producer, is the show’s creator and showrunner.

Saints & Sinners is set against the backdrop of a huge Southern church and focused on the chase of power, which is entwined with greed, deception, corruption, compromising sexual relationships, and murder. Vanessa Bell Calloway and Clifton Powell star, with Tray Chaney, Christian Keyes, Karlie Redd, Jasmine Burke, Keith Robinson, J.D. Williams, Dawn Halfkenny, Ashani Roberts, Donna Biscoe, and Kaye Singleton rounding out the cast.

Saints & Sinners is a collaboration between Eric Tomosunas and Ron Robinson of Swirl Films (Behind the Movement: The Rosa Parks Story). The series is directed by Nigel Campbell, who also serves as executive producer.

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Saints & Sinners seasons 1-5 are accessible on Bounce’s subscription video-on-demand service Brown Sugar, with final-season episodes uploaded weekly following their Bounce premieres.

Will Saints and Sinners Return in 2022?

Saints & Sinners has been renewed for a sixth season which will debut on April 3, 2022.Airing on the Bounce TV cable channel, Saints & Sinners stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Clifton Powell, Gregory Alan Williams, Tray Chaney, Keith Robinson, J.D. Williams, Jasmine Burke, Dawn Halfkenny, Karon Joseph Riley, and Christian Keyes. Set against the backdrop of the Greater Hope Baptist Church in Cypress, Georgia, a large southern church, the show centers around the pursuit of power, intertwined with greed, deception, corruption, compromising sexual affairs, and murder. Season five picks up following the events of the Saints & Sinners TV movie, Judgment Day.

Saints and Sinners season 5

Saints & Sinners is an American prime-time television soap opera. Starring Vanessa Bell Calloway, Clifton Powell, Keith Robinson, Christian Keyes, and Gloria Reuben. The series premiered on the African-American-oriented television network Bounce TV on March 6, 2016, as the network’s first original drama.

On February 2, 2022, it was announced that the sixth and final season would run from April 3 to May 22, 2022.


Saints & Sinners Season 6 will premiere on BounceTV at 8 PM on April 3 and every Sunday thereafter. The previous seasons are available for streaming anytime on Bounce’s streaming service, Brown Sugar.