Where Is Sailor Moon Crystal’s Season 4?

The Japanese anime series Pretty Guardian Sailor moon crystal is a well known series around the anime lover. In Japanese it is known as, “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crystal” The series is done with its 3 season so far now and there has been a widespread demand for the fourth season. The popular old anime which have make their way in the 80s is still loved and appreciated by the fans. Talking about the fourth season, there are a lot of rumors and theories going around and we have to find out the truth. If you are someone who is already a fan or new to this series then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to throw light on this series. To know everything in detail, stay till the end of this article.

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Sailor Moon Crystal – What is it?

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4

Sailor moon crystal is a Japanese anime series which was released on 5 July, 2015. This series is an adaptation of the 90s manga which was a popular means of entertainment for the people of that time. Several seasons of this anime have premiered in the 1990s and the manga is well known to the people. With all these fan following and popularity which this anime possesses, have made its anime. In the year 2015, the first episode of Sailor Moon crystal was out for the people. Toei Animation sees the potential in this series and decided to give it a chance. 

Furthermore, The series became an instant hit in Japan and also in the other parts of the world. Just after the first release of this show, Sailor moon crystal was again renewed for its second season for the audience. With all these popularity and well praises, the people are constantly asking for a new season.

Recently, there has been a widespread demand for the fourth installment of this series and if you want to know about the fourth season then read the next section, it will help you. 

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 – Is it coming or not?

Sailor Moon crystal season 4

The season 3 was ended in and which leads people wondering about season 4. The last season was ended in a cliffhanger and people wanted to know what happened afterwards. If you have already watched the last season then you would know that the last season was a sort in confusion. The three main characters of the anime were seen watching the eclipse which means that there is something which is still unknown to us. The other main character have heard a bell ringing and all these things made the fans confused.

Normally, if a show ends in suspense there is always another sequel waiting for them. All these clues are teasing that there will be another part of Sailor Moon crystal, but the authority is silent. There is nothing officially announced yet and nobody knows whether the show will get green light for a fourth installment or not. 

If there will be anything that happens or if there will be any information gets out regarding the fourth part, We’ll let you know by updating this section. 

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Sailor Moon Crystal – A movie is awaiting!

Regarding the fourth installment, there is nothing out yet but there is something that you should know for sure. The internet is filled with tweets regarding the Sailor Moon Crystal’s movie. The official producing company, Toei animation, has posted a tweet regarding the movie. 

We have attached the tweet for you so that you can have a better idea. 

Now, according to this tweet there will be a featured film. The movie will be subdivided into two parts which will follow the original story of the manga series. The fourth part will titled as “Dream”. The movie will also reflects our main character and the dead moon circus. The movie is already in production and The Authority has already announced an official release date for the series. Talking about the release date of the first movie which is originally announced to release on 11 September 2020. But the date is already passed and you must be wondering about the movie, am I right? 

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4

The movie is postponed because of the coronavirus. There are a lot of movies and Tv shows that stopped their production because of the whole covid-19 thing and Sailor Moon Crystal is one of them. Now, the first series is set to release on 8 January, 2021. While on the other hand, the second part is all set to release on 11 February, 2021. 

Now, there are several reports which say that these two movies are the replacement of the fourth season. 

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What are the ratings of this series?

The sailor Moon Crystal is well praised among the audience. 95% of the people are reported to like this series on google. The audience rating summary of this anime series is 4.6/5 which is to be honest good.

But on the other hand the critics didn’t like this show much and it was okay from their side. The IMDb rating for this show is 7.9/10. On the other hand MyAnimeList.net rated this show with a 7/10 rating. If you are someone who is into action and fantasy drama, this anime is for you. 

Final words

Sailor Moon crystal is an adaption of popular 90s manga series. Later in the year 2015, the Toei Animation decide to make it visually available for the people. The anime series have already released three seasons so far and people are hoping for the third part. On the other hand, the producers are planning something else. There is a movie for sailor moon crystal which is already out for the audience. Some people are wondering that the movie is the replacement for the fourth part. While there is no official statement regarding the fourth part but if there will, we’ll definitely going to update you.

Till then, keep checking our website, Keeperfacts and read about your favorite anime, TV series, Web series and movies.


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