Saekano Season 3: Fans Are Anticipating For The Third Series To Return!

After two great series, fans are now waiting for the Saekano Season 3. It’s become hard for the fans to wait for more for Saekano. In fact, a large number of viewers believed that the show is canceled. Let’s find out will there be a third installment or not but before that let’s talk about the major names behind this anime.

Saekano 3

Saekano 3

Fumiaki Maruto is the creator of the Saekano whereas the anime is illustrated by Sabu Musha. It is adapted from the Light Novel series having thirteen volumes. The novels were published from July 2012 and October 2017 and after a few months of the last edition printed by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, the series premiered first time on our television screens on January 9 of the same year and continues for two months and still available to watch on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The story revolves around a young school teenage guy, Tomoya Aki. He is of a kind gesture with a sweet voice. One day he finds a girl during the summer vacation and later finds out that the girl is his classmate.

This makes Tomoya a bit happier. The girl is very shy in the anime and doesn’t talk so much because she was working on a visual game. The series follows the adventure of developing the game and exploring its unique features.

Fans praised the show more than the creators think. This is the reason why originators decided to give us a second season in April 2017 but what about its season 3? Continue Reading…

It’s been more than two years waiting for the show but unfortunately, the anime is canceled by the officials.

The main reason which is clarified by them is the source material. They claimed that they have no reference material regarding the same. They also added that the first three volumes are covered and now their tank is empty

Will Saekano Ever Braces For The Third Installment?

The Saekano Season 3 is offset by the producers but possibly in fate the show gets penned with a new script and renewed by Fujami’s. If this happens then we could expect to see the anime in 2022 or in the upcoming years.

Many of you are now wondering about the characters, well in the third installment characters will persist to be the same.

Here some artists who were expected to be the voice of the main characters in the upcoming third season.

  • Tomoya Aki : Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Megumi Kato : Kiyono Yasuno
  • Eriri Spencer Sawamura : Saori Ōnishi
  • Utaha Kasumigaoka : Ai Kayano
  • Izumi Hashima: Chinatsu Akasaki
  • Michiru Hyodo : Sayuri Yahagi

saekano 3

Official Trailer For The Saekano Season 3 

We can’t go for the trailer at this time because the show is dropped. One thing you can do is to watch the previous seasons or can go for some new animes like The Curse of Oakland Season 2, Devilman Crybaby or can also visit our site to get more ideas related to some new anime and tv shows-

For the moment watch this quick fan-made version of the Saekano 3.

Bottom Lines

Saekano has high popularity in the anime world but the anime series has come to an end. This is something worse that happen in 2021 for the Saekano fans. The news is unexpected but still, we can do nothing about it. We can go for some new anime or can simply watch the old twenty-five episodes.

This is not the limit maybe in the future we will see something good about the anime. When we get something more about season three, then we will surely update the same in this post, so don’t forget to bookmark us🔖🔖🔖.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where we can watch the Saekano?

The show is available to watch on the Amazon Prime videos with a total of twenty-five episodes of both seasons and for Netflix users, the anime is also trending on Netflix.

What is the release date of Saekano Season 3?

The show is canceled by the creators because they are lacking with the plotline. The previous seasons were adapted from the light novel series which was published from July 2012 to October 2017. The novel volumes are covered in both seasons one and second. Now the creators have nothing to give its viewers as of season three, so they decided to cancel the show.

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