Let’s Explore the Net Worth of the Late Actress Sacheen Littlefeather!

Sacheen Littlefeather is a well-known Native American civil rights activist and actress. Littlefeather has had a long and distinguished career as both an actor and an activist. She has appeared in films such as The Trial of Billy Jack and Last on the List and has taken part in a number of well-known civil rights movements.

She has received a lot of recognition for her performance, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. This article will provide you with information on Sacheen Littlefeather‘s early years, net worth, and other topics.

Her enormous net worth ranges between $5 and $10 million.

Quick Facts About Sacheen Littlefeather

Name Sacheen Littlefeather
D.O.B November 14, 1946
Death October 2, 2022
Gender Female
Net Worth Between $3 million to $5 million

Sacheen Littlefeather’s Early Life

Littlefeather was born into a family of saddlemakers in Salinas, California. This actress’s upbringing was everything but rosy.

She has expressed her discontent with her family in a few interviews. When she was four years old, her family abandoned her father, and she and her siblings were then sent to the home of their maternal grandparents.

Sacheen Littlefeather Net Worth

Either foster care or adoption were considered to be a part of her youth. Her mother had to deal with her father’s impulsive conduct, and her father was also described as harsh. Throughout her time in high school at North Salinas High School, she also won numerous home economics awards.

She then enrolled at Hartnell Junior College. She started working as a model in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1969. She studied Native American history at California State University in addition to her undergraduate courses since she was so fascinated by her culture.

She was chosen to serve on the United Bay Indian Council in 1969. Marie Louise Cruz’s identification was changed to Sacheen Littlefeather during her stay on Alcatraz in 1970.

What is the Net Worth of Sacheen Littlefeather?

Sacheen‘s net worth ranged between $3 million and $5 million, per Wikis Pro. The majority of Sacheen’s income came from her Yeezy sneakers. Despite overstating the size of her company over the years, she made enough money from her job to be considered one of the highest celebrity payouts ever. Her primary source of income comes primarily from her career as an actor. To know more about Sacheen Littlefeather’s career, click here


Littlefeather, who had been sent by Marlon Brando to protest the exploitation of Native Americans by the film business, was commended for her activism at the 1973 Academy Awards ceremony after declining the trophy on his behalf. Later that year, Nordwell asserted that Littlefeather participated in the Alcatraz protest in an interview.

Sacheen Littlefeather Net Worth

Littlefeather was a well-known Native American in California who over time gained a lot of respect. She and Phil Lucas developed the American Indian Registry at the beginning of the 1990s. To record and trace American Indians throughout history, the registry was established.

Death and Medical Conditions of Sacheen Littlefeather

Littlefeather battled health issues all of her childhood, was hospitalized at the age of 4 after contracting tuberculosis. In an oxygen tent, she was treated. She had mental health problems as well, attempted suicide once, and spent a year in an institution.

Her lungs gave out when she was 29 years old, and she was then given a colon cancer diagnosis. In 1991, it was also mentioned that she was recovering from a major cancer operation.

In 2018, she announced that she had contracted stage 4 breast cancer, a recurrence of the disease that she had in 2012 but had reportedly undergone remission. She stated that she was terminally ill in the year 2021 and that it had spread to her right lung.

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Final Words

A gifted and committed artist, Sacheen Littlefeather has worked hard to change the world. Without a question, all of this accomplishment has helped to build Littlefeather’s substantial net worth. What else she might accomplish in the future is anyone’s guess.