Ryan Kaji Net Worth: How He Lives His Life as Rich Kid?

Ryan Kaji is a YouTube star  Ryan Kaji is most well-known for being the YouTube channel Ryan’s World star, which used to be called Ryan ToysReview. The track started in 2015, and Ryan, his parents, and his twin sisters are on it. When this was written, all of Ryan’s channels had more than 40 million subscribers and 50 billion views. Ryan’s name and likeness are on over 5,000 “Ryan’s World” products, such as toys, action figures, face masks, and even room decorations. Ryan is one of the YouTube stars who make the World’s most money.

Every day, Ryan Kaji puts out a new video. His most popular video, “Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge,” has more than 2 billion views, putting it in the top 40 most-watched videos on YouTube: In November 2020, Ryan’s superhero altered ego was featured on a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Nickelodeon has made the show Ryan’s Mystery Playdate since 2019. His mother gave up her job as a high school teacher to work full-time on the channel. The family has also started making its line of more than 100 toys, goods, and clothes. They also have a deal with Hulu to make their shows.

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Ryan’s Earnings

Ryan Kaji Net Worth

Ryan’s World made more than $11 million in sales between 2016 and 2017. In 2018, he made $22 million, more than any other YouTuber. In 2019, he made more than $26 million, making him the most well-known person on YouTube. In 2020, the Kaji family made $30 million, making them once again the best-paid YouTube stars. As of this writing, Ryan, his parents, and their business have made more than $100 million.

Ryan’s Early Years

In Texas, Ryan Kaji’s parents, Shion and Loann, had him on October 6, 2011. His father is from Japan, and his mother is from Vietnam. They met when they were both students at Texas Tech University. Kaji lives in Cypress, Texas, with her two sisters, Kate and Emma, who are twins.

Ryan’s Life


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Kaji started making videos on YouTube for the first time in March 2015. He had seen a lot of toy review channels on the site and wondered why he couldn’t be one of them. Kaji’s mother quit her high school chemistry teacher job to work full-time on the channel. She did this because she saw a great chance to make money. At first, it was called Ryan ToysReview, but it changed its name to Ryan’s World later.

“Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge,” the most-watched video on Ryan’s World, is one of the 60 most-watched videos on YouTube, with more than two billion views. The channel is known for Kaji’s videos in which he opens, plays with, and reviews a wide range of toys, most of which were sent to him by toy companies as part of sponsorship deals. Recently, the channel has expanded to include videos of Kaji doing everyday things with his family, like getting a haircut or cooking a meal.

Over time, Ryan’s World has become more and more popular. By the end of 2020, it had more than 28 million subscribers, and more than 45 billion people had watched its videos. Forbes said that Kaji was the most well-paid YouTube star because of this. Many people have said that the channel is too consumerist, but Kaji’s parents say that most of the toys shown on the track are given to charities or friends and family.

Ryan’s List of goods

Ryan Kaji Net Worth

By making apps, TV shows, video games, and other products, Ryan’s World has added to and built on its commercial success. In 2017, Kaji’s parents made a deal with PocketWatch, a new company for children’s media that handles marketing and merchandise for Ryan’s World. In 2018, the family made an app for kids called “Tag with Ryan” with the help of both PocketWatch and the game development studio WildWorks. The following year, Ryan’s World and PocketWatch made “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate,” a 20-episode show for preschoolers that aired on Nick Jr. “Race with Ryan,” a racing video game that came out the same year, can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

Ryan’s World released “Super Spy Ryan,” a mix of live-action and animation, on Amazon Kids+ in November 2020. The following month, it was announced that there would be an official Ryan’s World game on the popular gaming site Roblox. One of the other things the channel sells is a line of toys made with PocketWatch and Bonkers Toys. In the summer of 2018, Walmart was the only store selling the line, including slime, action figures, stuffed animals, T-shirts, and more.


Over the years, Ryan’s World has been central to many arguments. Many people have said that the channel and, by extension, Kaji’s parents are making money off of him. Because YouTube doesn’t have the usual rules about how many hours a small child can work in film production, Kaji could be forced to work more than he should be able to. Kaji’s mother has said that she makes sure her son is in charge of his schedule, but it is not clear how much her son feels forced by the business pressures of the operation and if he could quit if he wanted to.

Ryan Kaji Net Worth

In 2019, Truth in Advertising and the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against Ryan’s World, saying its sponsored videos were not correctly labeled. The former watchdog group said that at least 90 percent of the channel’s videos are paid product ads aimed at young viewers who don’t know the difference between a review and an ad. Also, it was said that many of the videos show people eating unhealthy foods. As a result, the FTC sued YouTube and Google for $170 million, making YouTube change its rules to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

How Much Are Ryan’s Parents Worth?

The Kaji family made $30 million, making them once again the best-paid YouTube stars. As of this writing, Ryan, his parents, and their business have made more than $100 million.


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