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Ryan Cabrera’s Wife Alexa Bliss Performed With NSYNC Members at Their Wedding

Ryan Cabrera's Wife Alexa Bliss Performed With NSYNC Members at Their Wedding

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera got married on Saturday in a Rockstar-themed ceremony at Kempa Villa in Palm Desert, California. Cabrera and Bliss became engaged in November 2020 and had previously declared that their wedding would not be a traditional affair, which was accurate.

Bowling For Soup, Yellowcard, band members from Hot Chelle Rae and We Are Kings, as well as Bliss' childhood favorites N'SYNC, performed by the event's concept, which included a wedding schedule printed on custom-made “backstage passes.”

360 guests attended the wedding and were greeted with a light-up “Welcome to the S**t-Show” sign and a hot pink carpet upon arrival. The wedding party dined on cuisine from two of the couple's favorite food trucks. Instead of a sit-down lunch and without assigned seats, Heavy Handed burgers and fries, as well as Yamashiro Japanese, were provided to feed the participants.

Ryan Cabrera gushed about his bride Alexa Bliss after she sang onstage with NSYNC at their April wedding. Cabrera told Page Six exclusively that his favorite moment during the celebrations was “Lex getting on stage and doing “Bye Bye Bye” with some of the NSYNC kitties I know,” adding that “she learned a lot of the dance steps, too, for that moment.”

He told us, “That was a very fantastic moment.” “Seeing the utter excitement on her face, especially because Lance [Bass] was her high school crush and she got to perform onstage alongside him.” The “Worth It” singer, 40, added that Bliss, 30, has been such a lifetime lover of the 2000s boy band that she would have called him “crazy” if he had told her she would be performing with Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Bass.

Cabrera, who has been touring with Bass and Kirkpatrick for their Pop 2000 Tour, revealed that he has been friends with the band members for years and that the tour has only served to strengthen their relationship.

“You know, it wouldn't be right if they didn't jump up there.

” he remarked, adding that they had an abundance of skilled pals who performed at their reception.

The “One Way Down” singer, who proposed in November 2020, married the WWE superstar in a rockstar-themed ceremony that fans can view in his new music video for “Worth It,” which was released on Friday.

“We went with ‘Be Yourself,' so do anything you want, let your freak flag fly, and be a rock star for a day,” Cabrera explained.

Real footage from the couple's wedding at Kempa Villa in Palm Desert, California is featured in the music video. Guests in attire reminiscent of Harry Styles, Cabrera, and Bliss playing rock-paper-scissors at the altar, and the pair getting tearful while reading their vows are among the special clips.

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