A new game, which is just 5 years old, is winning the heart of many gamers nowadays. The features and different rewards including cross-platform are so much fascinating. The name of the game is widely known as Rocket League.

Rocket League is a video game of soccer with vehicles available.

Psionic is the developer and publisher of the game Rocket League.

Thomas Silloway is the director, Sarah Hebbler is the producer, Corey Davis is the designer, Jared Cone is the programmer, Bobby McCoin is the artist and Mike Ault is the composer of the game Rocket League.

In July 2015, this game was released specially for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 (PS4). Later on,

ports for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch were also released.

In 2016, new versions for macOS and Linux were also released, but in 2020, their online service support was dropped.


In September 2020, the game was available as free-to-play.

The mode of the game is single-player and multiplayer.

The game got a good number of industry awards. It had over 10 million sales. By the beginning of 2018, it also had 40 million players.

What The Rocket League Game Is All About?

Before playing the game you must need to know that what the game is all about.

Rocket League allows 8 players maximum in each team. The game is all about the usage of the rocket-powered vehicles to hit the ball in the opponent’s goal and thus the points are scored. Two modes are available in the game, single-player and multiplayer mode which can be played online as well as locally. Cross-platform is also available.

Later the game was modified and other sports like ice hockey and basketball were also added to it.

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Many rewards like unlocking new cars, unlocking new goals are also there.

Rocket League, A Cross-Platform:

Cross play support is allowed on Rocket League for PlayStation consoles so that PS4 gamers can easily matchmake or challenge their friends which belong to some other platforms. This cross-platform support is made available to the fans by the gaming company.

Now the players can easily share their rank all over the world on all the platforms across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

Now the question arises that how one can enable the cross-platform progression feature for the game Rocket League?


By using the Epic Games account, one can easily enable this feature. If you don’t have an account, then you can easily visit the official website and can create an account.

If you already have an account, then you simply need to log in.

Various Platforms On Which The Game Rocket League Can Be Played:

Microsoft Windows

PlayStation 4

Xbox One



Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 5

System Requirements for the game- Rocket League:

Knowing all the system requirements will prevent your PC as well as the game from crashing while launching.

Basic requirements for proper working of Rocket League are as follows:

Your system should contain Windows 7 or Newer Windows OS: both 64 bit

The basic processor should be 2.5 GHz Dual-core with the 4 GB ram in it.

NVIDIA GeForce 760, AMD Radeon R7 270X or better graphics



Broadband Internet connection network

20 GB storage

Recommended requirements for Rocket League are as follows:

Windows 7 or Newer Windows OS both 64 bit

3.0+ GHz Quad-core processor


NVIDIA GeForce 1060, AMD Radeon RX 470 or better graphics

Version 11 DirectX

Broadband Internet connection network

20 GB storage

Additionally recommended: Gamepad or Controller

Support for macOS or Linux (SteamOS):

10th June 2020 was the last day to request the refund with the help of steam. SteamOS is no longer updated or supported now. But the download and installation of the versions are still available with some of the functional loss.

The lost online functions are as follows:

Online matchmaking

Private matches


Rocket pass

Item or Esports shop

In-game events

Friends list


News panel

New Customer Training Packs

New Steam Workshop Maps


League Rankings

To run the game on your macOS, you need to install Windows 10 with Boot Camp Assistant.

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Mac with an Intel processor is required for the Boot Camp.

Steps to install Windows with the Assistant of Boot Camp are as follows:

  1. Secure Boot setting should be checked: Secure Boot setting is set to full security by default. If it is changed then you should set it to full security before installing Windows.
  2. Usage of Boot Camp Assistant so that Windows partition can be created: in the utility folder you will find the Boot Camp Assistant then you need to follow all the instructions appearing on the screen.

Set the partition size according to you as it can’t be changed later.

  1. Windows partition then should be formatted: the installer will automatically select and format the BOOTCAMP partition. In case the question arises how to do so, select the BOOTCAMP partition and then choose the format option.
  2. Install Windows now: follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. The on-screen instructions should be followed to install Boot Camp and other drivers/software.

You can easily switch between both platforms then.

Rocket League Game on Xbox Series X:

4K resolution is available at 60 FPS with proper HDR (High Dynamic Range).

HDR 10 compatible display and HDMI 2.0 cable/better is required.

4K capable display is required.

In 4K, the game UI runs.

A compatible display and ultra-high-speed HDMI 2.1 cable are required.

Rocket League Game on Xbox Series S:

1080p resolution is available at 60 FPS with proper HDR.

A compatible HDR10 display is required.

At 1080p, UI displays.

A TV or monitor with a 120 Hz display is required.

A high-speed HDMI 2.0 cable along with an HDR10 display is required.

Rocket League on different PlayStation like 

PlayStation 5:

4K resolution is available at 60FPS with proper HDR

Compatible displays are required.

Compatible HDMI cable required.


This was all about operating the Rocket League game with cross-platform available on various platforms. All you need to do is to install/buy the game and enjoy the fascinating environment of it with a competitive spirit. All the best and score well!