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Do you love to watch teen dramas or movies filled with crime and thrillers?

Here I present such a teenager group crime movie where they go to the riverbank and feel warm by seeing a dead body and one of the teens was beaten and how her friend always stands with him?

You want to know more about the movie. Let's read the complete article about what is in the movie.

River’s Edge movie directed by Isao Yukisada and written by Misaki Setoyama is a Japanese crime movie.

River’s Edge Netflix is Released on February 16, 2018 on Netflix and starring Fumi Mikaido and Ryo Yoshizawa and the movie runs for 118 minutes.

It was originally released in Japanese language but you can also see it with english Subtitles for better understanding.

Release Date of River Edge

River's Edge

The movie was released on 15 February and 16 February in 2018 in Berlin and Japan respectively on Netflix.

Cast Members of the Movie

  • Fumi Nikaido as Haruna Wakakusa
  • Ryo Yoshizawa as Ichiro Yamada
  • Shuhei Uesugi as Kannonzaki
  • Shiori Dol as Rumi
  • Sumire Chara as Kozue Yoshikawa
  • Aoi Morikawa as Kannna Tajima

Storyline of River’s Edge

River's Edge

There is a group of school students who experience a violent murder of urban isolation after a body washes up from the river.

Synopsis of River’s Edge

In this drama Haruna Wakukasa is the main character showing insecurity in this crime drama and she felt bad when she finds Ichiro Yamada naked, tied up with something and beaten so Ichiro has unconscious, while she is wandering into her school and finds Abandoned Chemistry lab and see Ichiro yamada.

Yamada who is gay and always bullied in the school, is dating Kanna Tajima, a permagrinning chatterbox.

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Kannonzaki, primary tormentor of Yamada, also happens to be Haruna’s Boyfriend as he secretly tell her promiscuous friend Rumi for drugs and sex.

Yamada and Haruna are also friends and Huruna always always stand for Yamada in any situation meanwhile yamada tells his secret to his friend Huruna that he is Gay.

A fashion model and an actress – Kozue Yoshikawa, friend of Haruna and Yamada, always eats junk food in the bathroom.

Yamada shows both of them his treasure and a body that is lying in the riverbank besides the tall grass. They visit the place daily to meditate on their personal hells and to find comfort in warm essentials of death.

Trailer of the River’s Edge Netflix

Which Movie Did It Remind You of?

It features the similar story of the 1986 film River’s Edge which is an American Movie. In that movie teens are staring at a dead body and there is no curiosity to inform authorities.

Ratings of the River’s Edge Movie

6.2 out of 10 is given to River Edge japanese movie

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Is it Worth Watching Movie According to Performance?

River's edgeThe acting is uniformly strong and the most of the weight is carried by Nikaido.

You can watch it on Netflix by taking its subscription.

Last Lines

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What are your feelings for this movie? Did you like it? What should you do if you are one of the characters in the movie? Can you help your friend and always stand with your friend like Huruna did? Give answers in the comment box.

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