RIP Cartoon Network: Twitter Trends After Warner Bros. Merged

When fans heard on Tuesday that Cartoon Network was merging with another company, they were sure to be upset. When CN said it was going to close on Oct. 1, most kids who grew up in the 1990s felt sad. It made people panic and get confused. But it turned out to be a false story. There is no truth to what was just said. Instead, Cartoon Network Studio is merging with the well-known Warner Bros. as part of a plan to change the way the company works.

What’s going on with Cartoon Network Studios?

Contrary to what the rumor said, the Cartoon Network is not going to close. Instead, the American cable channel is joining forces with both Warner Bros. Animation and Hanna-Barbera Studios.

It is said that the three labels will still have their own identities even after they become one division. It looks like the consolidation will happen no matter what kind of content they make. Reports say that Warner Bros. Television Group fired about 26% of its staff, including those who worked on animated, scripted, and unscripted shows. 125 jobs were left open because of the single move.

RIP Cartoon Network: Twitter Trends After Warner Bros. Merged

What is “RIP Cartoon Network”?

After Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network merged, CN Trends on Twitter was ripped off. Since rumors about the channel closing down made the internet crazy, fans thought they were about to say goodbye to one of the best channels that were a big part of their childhood.

This caused trouble that didn’t need to happen, and the hashtag “RIP Cartoon Network” became popular on Twitter.

A disappointed fan tweeted at the time, “RIP Cartoon Network. Thank you for the good times we had together. You made our 90s kids’ childhoods great,” wrote one person. “RIP Cartoon Network, the GOAT of kids’ animation,” wrote another.

“It’s over Cartoon Network. No matter what other people say, CN has had the best run-up to this point. They had the best lineup, and their shows were the best.” Tweets were piling up on Twitter one after the other.

About Warner Bros. Merged

After Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network merged, CN Trends on Twitter said to rip. Collider said that the merger was announced Tuesday by a memo from the company’s chairman, Channing Dungey.

Sam Register, who is the president of Hanna-Barbera, will be in charge of Cartoon Network, Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe, and Warner Bros. Variety said that even though Warner Bros. was merging, both networks would stay the same and “continue to make its own original animated fare.”

RIP Cartoon Network: Twitter Trends After Warner Bros. Merged

Since many talented people lost their jobs as a result of the consolidation, many people are worried about its future and long-term viability, which is partly understandable. The news came out soon after it was already known that Warner Bros. was trying to cut costs.

What Will Happen Once the Merger is Completed?

Even though CN will still make its own animated shows, the consolidation could still have some bad effects.

“This could also be a sign of bad things to come for original Cartoon Network animation in the future. WBA has always been a catalog/IP-driven studio, while CNS has been putting out specials and original series that become landmarks for viewers.

So, we can be sure that the animation part will change in a big way. Even though the company has been quiet about what will change after the merger, it has been revealed that Peter Girardi will be in charge of developing animation for adults and Audrey Diehl will be in charge of developing animation for families and children on both networks. But Bobbie Page herself will be in charge of the main production.

Most people already feel like this is the end of an era they’ve loved for decades.