Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 : Release Date : confirmed or not

Last Updated on 28 January,2022

Animal and children animated series has always been popular among people of all ages. That’s why anime like Crayon Shinchan and Doremon has been a part of the lives of many people. No matter what your age is, you’ll love anime. One of the child-based animated anime series is Rilakkuma and Kaoru, which was released on 19 April 2019. 

The series has already released its first season and now there was a widespread demand for a second season. Now, people are wondering about season 2. 

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There are many of the rumors that are spreading on the internet and in this article, I’ll be clearing all  your doubts. If you are interested to know about the details of this animation and its upcoming season 2 then read this article till the end. 

Rilakkuma and Kaoru – A Child-Animated Series!

The Japanese animated series involves the stuffed toys and child animation. The series first made it into the TVs on 19 April 2019. While most of the series is based on the manga version, surprisingly this series doesn’t. The show is originally made for view animation under the name of a popular streaming platform, Netflix. 

The stop-motion animation is a go-to anime for people who love child-based and cute story drama. You can even watch this series with your partner. Rilakkuma and Kaoru is actually a creation of Aki Kondo and Naoko Ogigami was the person to write this show. 

On the other hand, with the direction of Masahito Kobayashi, this series is loved by many people. The first season consists of 13 episodes in total and the running time of this show is 12 minutes, which is considerably low. Now, as the show ended, people were hoping to see the next season. Well, there is a lot of talk going around the internet and we’ll take a closer look into it. 

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 – Is it happening Or not?

If you are an active Netflix user and have been watching animation for a long time then you would know that previously Netflix doesn’t own many series. In recent years, Netflix has been investing its time and money into the animation and this is the live example of it. 

Now, coming to the real question if there will be season 2 or not then it is a little tricky. Neither Netflix nor the creators have said anything regarding the show. The show has surely ended up but there is no confirmation about the release date whether it has ended or not. The show is also not renewing for season 2. 

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But there are surely less possibilities of this to happen. Netflix has always shown interest in anime and they might renew this series. The ratings of this show are pretty good so you can hope to get the second season. While the reviews and ratings are appreciated, we can’t change the fact that this series fails to attract as many kids as it thought to be. Now, we have to wait  further about announcements to conclude anything. 

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 – What will be the plotline of this show?

The story of Rilakkuma and Kaoru will match slightly with the popular Hollywood movie Ted. The story of this animation starts with the introduction of two characters  who is named as, Rilakkuma and Kaoru, which is again the name of this show. Kaoru is a dedicated and hard-working woman who is focusing on the job whereas Rilakkuma is a bear who is just lazy but cute.

This series is especially for the kids and it contains some of the great messages for them. As you know that kids tend to learn more about the knowledge from visual representation. So, these two characters will play as an idol . The story doesn’t have any negative comments so far now so you can expect it to be great. 

Genre Animation,sci-fi
Number of episodes 13
Network Netflix
Production Companies San-X,Dwarf Studio
Streaming sites Netflix

Coming to the characters are Kaoru and  Rilakkuma, the hard work and dedication of Kaora will make your child realize how much these two things play an important role in one’s life. While you might think that Rilakkuma may give you or your child some wrong values but he wouldn’t. Our fluffy Rilakkuma is just as great as any other. He might be lazy but the show never fails to portray the good side of him. 

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Being happy, eating and sleeping are the most important aspects of life and one should equally balance these things to remain healthy. The show doesn’t have action and drama scenes but the message it conveys is amazing. 

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 – What are the characters of this show?

In this section, we’ll discuss the characters of Rilakkuma and Kaoru in detail. So if you are unknown to the characters of this show, you can read it here. 


The soft toy which is cute on the first side will make your heart flutter. One day, out of nowhere, Rilakkuma came into the life of Kaoru. The teddy bear moved in with her and started to get adopted in her life. Kaoru started to adore this teddy bear. His habit of continuously sleeping and eating makes her crazy sometimes. But still, he is the favorite of all. 


The other teddy bear of this story is our little teddy bear. After the entry of Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma came into the apartment of Kaoru. He is the best friend of Rilakkuma and loves him with all his heart. He is also a little shorter than Rilakkuma in height and for me, he is the cutest. He is an expert at eating and sleeping and these are the only two things that he does. 


The main protagonist of this story is a working lady. She is in her 30s and often seems to be working in her office. She is hardworking and dedicated to her job. The first time Kaoru encounter Rilakkuma was when he came to her doorstep. The two teddy bears became a part of her life. The best thing about the two teddy bears is that they are full of positivity and remain stress-free throughout their life.

While on the other hand, we can see Kaoru was more stressed and usually he got tense in her life. After the entry of these two characters, Kaoura started to gain the positivity through them. The show ultimately came to become more happy and optimistic.

Where can I watch Rilakkuma and Kaoru?

If you want to watch the Japanese anime, Rilakkuma and Kaoru then you can absolutely stream it on Netflix. The show is available on the popular streaming platform. Along with it, you can have the subtitle and also the English language. 

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Not only this but there is another animation series which is available on Netflix. Series like BNA, Tokyo Ghoul, Steins Gate, The future diarykj, and many more.

Final Words

The possibilities of the Rilakkuma and Kaoru show to happen is quite good. There is no official statement regarding this show but people still think that the series will get renewed sooner or later. On the other hand, the officials of this show haven’t said anything regarding the anime series. Neither the Release date nor the official trailer is out yet. With only 8 episodes, the people are still looking more from Rilakkuma and Kaoru. 

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