Will There Be a Return to Amish Season 8? Who Will Star in Season 8?

Are you prepared to explore the intriguing world of Return to Amish once more? With its captivating narrative and intriguing characters, Season 7 more than lived up to expectations, leaving fans excited to see what Season 8 has in store.

Will Kenneth’s ambition to play college basketball for an Amish team come true? What surprises can we expect from Maureen and Danny’s wedding? What will Jeremiah learn about his biological family?

Return to Amish continues to hold viewers’ attention with its distinctive fusion of tradition and contemporary. Prepare to embark on the trip once more as we explore the intriguing specifics of Season 8.

Will There Be a Return to Amish Season 8?

Fans of Return to Amish are eagerly awaiting news on whether TLC will continue airing the venerable reality series for an 8th season, as Season 7 is already jam-packed with the typical drama.

The network has routinely produced new seasons of the show every year since 2014, with a few breaks serving as the exception. So, may audiences anticipate seeing their beloved cast members as well as a few new faces on their televisions once more?

Return to Amish Season 8

Regarding whether Return to Amish will receive an eighth season, TLC has not yet provided an update. However, a number of signs suggest that the reality show will return as scheduled.

Reality actress Rosanna indicated that future episodes of the show will probably feature her and Johnny’s newborn child during a TikTok live Q&A.

She added that she might make a comeback as a regular cast member but with one restriction. The Return to Amish character said, “If they want us back, they’re going to have to pay us more.”

Regarding how much he and the other cast members get paid, Jeremiah expressed a similar opinion in his own TikTok live. He also gave hints that Return to Amish might have an eighth season. But we haven’t heard anything from TLC yet.

Who Will Star in ‘Return to Amish’ Season 8?

Rosanna said that she would only come back to the TLC reality show if they paid her more. This makes her future with the brand uncertain. But if and when the network gives Return to Amish another season, fans will probably see a few of the original cast members again.

Return to Amish Season 8

In Season 7, returning characters Maureen and Danny are planning their wedding. Their Season 8 plot has a lot of room to grow, and in 2022, they even had their first child.

Breaking Amish star Jeremiah, his wife Carmela, and house mom Ada could also be in the unconfirmed eighth episode. Fannie, who joined the show in Season 7, may also come back since she is a fan favorite. And this might not be the last time we see Kenneth, who wants to play basketball in college.

What is the Salary of the ‘Return to Amish’ Cast?

Rosanna’s demands for greater pay in future seasons are reasonable given that several Return to Amish actors, like Sabrina, depend on their reality series money as their main source of income during filming.

When filming Return to Amish, the cast frequently goes to Florida, so if they hold down a full- or even part-time job, they must give it up.

Return to Amish Season 8

Return to Amish actors most likely earn between $1,000 and $1,500 every episode based on 90-Day Fiancé wage data. Furthermore, because there are only eight episodes per season, the final salary for the cast members is between $8,000 and $12,000 (before taxes) per season.

Their continuous involvement in the series wouldn’t be viable without a higher wage as the show’s stars continue to grow their families.


In conclusion, Return to Amish’s intriguing story and the adored cast has left fans worried about Season 8. Cast members and the show’s continuous production history imply a promising future, but TLC has yet to update.

Kenneth, Maureen, Danny, Jeremiah, and potentially additional characters will experience new developments as the story progresses.

The cast’s demand for a better salary shows their passion and the show’s importance in their lives. Return to the Amish captivates audiences with its unique blend of tradition and modern storytelling.