RetroMania Wrestling Is Coming Soon… | Release Date, Official Trailer

We all grew up watching WWF on our TV. From John CenaYou Can’t See Meto The UndertakerRest In Peace” these moments are something which we’ll remember for Forever. The popularity of WWF was insane during the 90s and even today the craze hasn’t faded away. Because of such huge fame which is platform posses, there is a Game. Of course, there would be! RetroMania Wrestling is a brand new game is soon going to launch for all WWF fans.

Are you a WWF fan? Who was/is your favourite wrestler? Answer in the comment box!

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What is RetroMania

Retromania Wrestling

RetroMania is an upcoming Video game, which is soon going to release. It is the sequel of 1991 video game which is Classical arcade game WWF Wrestlefest. The Developers of RetroMania video game is Retrosoft Studios.

Furthermore, the game will digitally be available on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Sony 4, iiRcade and Steam. Let’s check about the Release date of this amazing Game.

The official Twitter account of RetroMania Wrestling is quite active on Twitter and keep posting about the stuff related to this game. Their latest tweet teases their fans about the game.

Do follow them in Twitter for getting more updates about the video game.

What is the release date of RetroMania?

Are you excited about the release date? Me too. So, it is officially announced that the game will be releasing in the upcoming year. Don’t worry. We have a Date for you too 😉

No, this is not Valentine’s date but the game is surely gonna release on the Valentine’s Month i.e. February. On 26 February 2021, the game will be officially available in the respective platform. The news was announced by the official Twitter account of RetroMania wrestling.

The official trailer of RetroMania Wrestling

As the official date has been released already, you must be wondering about the official trailer. The Official trailer is out now in the official YouTube channel. Click on this video to watch the video.

What are the features of RetroMania Wrestling?

So, if you are eagerly waiting for this game to launch, you’ll be even more excited to know about its features. Let’s see what this game is going to offer you as a player.

  • This is a local Multiplayer game with upto 8 person can play at a time (TBD)
  • You can play 50 different types of game inside RetroMania Wrestling which is great.
  • Play different types of matches like – Battle royals, Elimination Tag Team Matches, Steel Cage Matches, and many more.
  • The game is Beautifully created with 700 frames of animation and the background is also animated with 2D pixel.
  • The game have created several entrance for the entry of the Wrestlers and decorated them nicely.
  • While playing the game you’ll hear some of the Crowd chants which add extra spice to the game.
  • There might be additional wrestlers that will be available via DLC.
  • There are many more surprises which we don’t want to ruin. In order to know them you have to play the game.

What are the New Characters of this game?

A bunch of characters are waiting for you! There have been a list of wrestlers which is confirmed by the officials. Lets check out them.

  • Austin Idol
  • Animal
  • Blue Meanie
  • Big Stevie Cool
  • Chris Bey (DLC)
  • Brian Myers
  • Hawk
  • Colt Cabana
  • Hollywood Nova
  • Johnny Retro
  • Jeff Cobb
  • Matt Cardona
  • Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Tommy Dreamer
  • Nick Aldis
  • Warhorse
  • Nikita Koloff

There us no announcement about any new characters but fans are suspecting tiger might be one. If there will be, we have to wait a little bit to know about him/her. There is a rumor around social media that if the people support more for RetroMania Wrestling, there might be the announcement of more characters, but We don’t know.

Retromania Wrestling

What are the reaction of people ?

Fans are excited about the upcoming game RetroMania Wrestling and excited for playing it. Let’s check out some awesome tweets –

“ OH my GOD! A sequel to wrestlefest?! How in the hell have I never heard of this?! I am super excited 😍”

“It’s Worth the wait. I am Really glad you guys are making sure this thing is polished before releasing. My father, who also used to play this game is more excited than me. We are really looking forward to play this game. We have waited so long, just a few more months to go. Yeaaaahhh ❤️”

“ My best friend and I are a huge fan of the wrestlefest and we are more than happy about it’s sequel. We have already pre-order the digital version. Also, We love the trailer and excited about the game, Hope it releases soon ☺️”


RetroMania Wrestling is a great video game which is also the sequel of 1991 game Wrestlefest. The game will be available on different gaming platforms including PlayStation Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Sony 4, iiRcade and Steam. Keep checking our website Keeperfacts for getting updates about the Latest games.

Frequently asked questions

Is WWF and RetroMania Wrestling same?

No, RetroMania Wrestling is a sequel of the old 90s game Wrestlefest which was quite popular during its time. Although the game involved Wrestling but it doesn’t resembles with the famous WWF game. But yes, the idea is quite similar.

Is RetroMania Wrestling is going to happen?

Yes, the game is finally going to release in the upcoming year of 2021. Further, the date us 26 Feb and it will be available for the gaming station including PlayStation Nintendo Switch, , Microsoft Xbox One, Sony 4, iiRcade and Steam.

What is the price of the game ?

The official pricing is not release yet but the details about the pre-order has been out. The special pre-order price for the Digital version of the game is $24.99, and the Digital plus Version is $29.99 for the. And we guess that both of these prices will be increase by $5.00 after the launch of the game.

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Happy Greetings!