Resurrection Ertugrul Season 6: Expected Release date

The series continues to make more seasons, is it happening?

Last updated on 29 January, 2022

In today’s era, people mostly like such TV shows which are different from their own language, isn’t it? The most popular drama nowadays is the Turkish one and the Ertugrul series which ranks at the top of the list. Talking about the top leading drama, Ertugrul, which has made quite a remarkable appearance after its first release. Constructed by Mehmet Bozdağ, the series actually follows the shows historical fiction and adventure series. The show is set in the 13th century and it  depends on the existence of Ertuğrul, the dad of Osman I, the organizer of the Ottoman Empire.

The series is beautifully shot into a small village of Riva, which is situated in Istanbul, Turkey. What makes these tursoh shows amazing is their amazing background and which sets them against the popularity of other similar shows.  Ertugrul was premiered for the first time on 10 December in the year 2014.

This series is about the Turkish champion Ertugrul from the thirteenth century, perhaps he was the most popular hero of his time and furthermore the dad of Osman (the author of the Ottoman Empire). He is a goal-oriented man who needs to carry of the harmony and equity.

Ertugrul series received all the positive ratings and praises from almost all the audience and viewers, the majority of them are from Pakistan and Azerbaijan. However, the show is banned in a number of countries which are belonging to the Arab World/

The most recent part of the series was released on November 7, in the year 2018, and after that people started waiting for the release of Ertugrul Season 6.

Are We Getting The Ertugrul Season 6?

Ertugrul Season 6 is commonly known as the Resurrection Ertugrul’s season 6. The show is affirmed by the creators but it gets delayed due to the pandemic but as of now, it is expected to be out in the first part of the year 2022.

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Fans are already waiting for the series to release for its second season. The ending of the first part was quite unclear from the fans point of view . The series already give a rough idea of what’s the future of the second season will take along. Still, do you think that fans are surprised? A viewers of the Turkish drama already confirmed regarding the second installment. They were just waiting for the officials to confirmed it.

Who Will Be In The Ertugrul Season 6?

Ertugrul Season 6

There are no more movements they are probably in the cast, as compared to the fifth season. In case there will be changes we will invigorate this part after the official announcements made by the makers of the show.

Talking about the former characters of the series, in the most recent part we can see Engin Altan Duzyatan as Ertugrul Gazi. Secondly, Serdar Gokhann will following his original role as Suleyman Shah. Along with him, Halya Korel Darian as Hayme Hatun Mother of Ertugrul.

Moreover, Halya Korel Darian is playing the role of Hayme Hatun Mother of Ertugrul, Kaan Tasaner as Gundogdu Bey, Esra Bilgic as Halime Sultan, Arda Ararat as the role of Dundar Bey, Yaman Tumen as Gunduz Alp and Kerem Bekisoglu as SavcaBey.

On the other hand, the secon season will bring back all the original charchters. Emre Uctepe as Osman Gazi, Baray Bagca as Bayju Noyan, Gonul Nagiyeva as Alangoya or Almala, Huseyin Ozay as Korkut Bey, Ugur Gunes as Tugtekin Bey, Kaptan Gurman as Geyikli, Osman Soykut as Ibn Arabi, Murat Garipagaoglu as Saxd al-Din Kopek.

We have mentioned a handful of the characters which is enough because they are simply the support of the show.

Movie Name Ertugrul
Category Action/Comedy
Release Date Postponed
Director Metin Günay
No. of Seasons  5

Expected Storyline For The Ertugrul Season 6

The Ertugrul season 6

After 10 years in Söğüt, in a Mongol-controlled Selçuk state, Ertuğrul faced many Mongol commanders including Alıncak and Subutai, along with the Selçuk assassin working with the Mongols, Beybolat.

Beybolat is disguised with the name, Albastı, and he arrives following the death of his father. Umur Bey, Bey of the Umuroğlu tribe, who was sent to become the new tax collecter of Söğüt. Umur Bey was killed by the disgraced Byzantine commander, Dragos, disguised as the Söğüt Zangoç (transl. bellringer), who seeks to take over the town.

Moreover, Beybolat, who becomes his father’s successor, and Dragos, who takes control over Lefke Castle after killing the innocent Tekfur Yannis. Cause many problems for Ertuğrul including Beybolat’s control over Söğüt for a while. İlbilge, Beybolat’s sister, is the only person in her family supporting justice. With her help, Ertuğrul, defeats and kills both Beybolat and Dragos.

Following Beybolat’s death, Ertuğrul faces Arikbuka, a feared Mongol spy and Alıncak’s blood brother. Along with the spy, Qiyat, who works for Hulagu against Berke, Ertuğrul’s ally and the Han of the Golden Horde. The season ends with the death of Arikbuka and Qiyat along with Ertuğrul’s marriage to İlbilge Hatun.

At the end of the story, we saw that everyone is entangled in their own character. So now in the sixth season, it has to be seen that whose sixty is going to happen and who is whose descendant… Are excited for the Ertugrul Season 6??? Share your feelings in our comment section with us.

Where We Can Watch The Ertugrul Series?

First of all, if you are waiting to watch the Ertugrul series then first get a Netflix subscription because it’s worth buying because all five seasons of the Ertugrul series are available on it, rather then this Netflix also has all the topmost shows like the Money HeistLucifer series, Greenleaf, Sacred Games and many more. So, definitely go for it without thinking twice.

Last Lines

The dates aren’t out yet but an estimated year is still in our hands which is enough to stop our carving for the Ertugrul Season 6, isn’t it? Now presently, we need to end this post, if you want to know more about the web series and other information related to it then visit our website

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