Reservoir And Divine Will Come Together To Beat The Records In The Rapping Industry


India's music industry has decided finally to take a shape and globally it will be customized. In this case, RESERVOIR shows interest and excited in terms of collaborating with the budding esprits. 

DIVINE is such a rapper who belongs to the category of multi-platinum ones. He is known for his songs and has over a million fans and followers globally. He is very much excited to work with the gully gang’s young talents and to direct them to explore and to create a mark in the industry. 


The deal is going to be a table turner. It will help the industry flourish to the best levels. 

One Kind of Deal

The contract is going to be one of a kind. There has been no contract in the rapping industry so huge. This will open doors for the young artists and will help them make a career in rapping. The deal is going to be an eye opener for those who think rapping is not a form of music. .


Reservoir And Divine Will Come Together To Beat The Records In The Rapping Industry

The face behind gully boy

DIVINE is the actual person who inspired Zoya Akhtar and she came up with her award-winning superhit movie named ‘Gully Boy'. He has been a true inspiration for many out there and is ready to offer the platform to the young talent

The face of Indian rapping

In 2019 DIVINE has released his debut album Kohinoors through Mass Appel India following several successful singles including “Yeh Mera Bombay,” “Kohinoor,” “Jungli Sher,” “Kaam 25 and his breakout track” Meri Gully Mein.

Before a few days DIVINE has released a hip-hop and rap collection record titled “SHUTDOWN,” also on Mass Appeal India, following Kohinoor.

Upcoming with DIVINE and Reservoir

They have confirmed again that they will help to the orginators to emerge in market and to get new fans. 

To know more, check out the latest tweet:

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