Reportedly, Justin Timberlake is Having Trouble Handling the Fallout From His Arrest Because He Can’t Handle Criticism

Since Justin Timberlake isn’t used to having to own up to his faults, getting arrested seems to have been the lowest point in his life. According to an individual who appears to be quite familiar with the artist, Justin Timberlake is having a hard time handling the backlash as nobody in his circle would ever hold him responsible.

The insider provided a detailed account of the singer’s childhood, claiming that Justin’s reaction to his detention was partly her fault. Except for a brief mention at one of his concerts, he has hardly mentioned it in public.

Justin Timberlake is Reported to Be Unable to Take Criticism Since His Buddies Don’t Tell Him the Whole Truth

Justin Timberlake is said to have been having trouble dealing with the hostility he has been experiencing since word of his arrest spread. According to sources, he is surrounded by individuals who only tell him what he wants to hear, so he is not used to being held accountable.

This is not an Entourage episode, and it is not 2004. According to an insider, Justin needs to improve on more aspects of himself than only his golf swing in the real world. They also accused his mother of not instilling in him the sense of accountability for his deeds, which finally led to his imprisonment.

“The issue has always been that he lives in a bubble, and to be really honest, the way his mother raised him, treating him like a tiny prince who was impervious to punishment, established the precedent for how he conducts himself in adulthood. And that also explains why, upon his arrest, he showed absolutely no regret at all.

The source continued, “His need to never be held accountable” caused him to only be friends with people who would never confront him with the reality, and as a result, he is now unable to handle the truth.

Since he was a little child, Justin has taken great care to associate with individuals who only give him affection and praise, and it is obvious that this has set him back. Living morally prevents one from being stopped for intoxication, especially on a Monday night!

Justin Timberlake Regarding His Arrest

Justin Timberlake Arrest

Although Justin Timberlake hasn’t said much about his DWI arrest, he did speak about it at a Forget Tomorrow World Tour show.

The musician opened up to the Chicago audience during his performance in a vulnerable moment, but he refrained from bringing up the arrest.

“It’s been a difficult week,” he told the assembly. Justin Timberlake was overwhelmed by the cheers of support from the crowd as they expressed their love for him.

He told them, “I know sometimes I’m hard to love, but you keep loving me and I love you right back,” before returning to the game. He had a terrific time at the show despite everything else going on in his life, and at one point he even informed the audience they were “the best crowd of the tour” and that the “verdict is in.”

The artist is still performing for the time being, but it is unclear what will happen to his world tour in the future as he will eventually have to stand trial for his arrest.


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