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Reliable Academic Transcription Services

Many people today need to use the high-quality services of audio to text transcription. These are bloggers, journalists, lawyers, students, podcasters, etc.; professional audio transcription saves time and money and ensures a more structured way to access data. Modern speech-to-text technology allows you to get a quality text version of an audio recording lasting several minutes or several hours.

As practice shows, academic transcription services are widely popular today. They are used by both students and teachers and give them various benefits. For example, it is more convenient for students to record a lecture and then get its transcription in a text version. This allows listening carefully to the teacher and not be distracted by writing down the material in a notebook. Teachers often use audio transcription services to provide management with a progress report, prepare for a conference or seminar, etc.

There are many platforms on the web that provide automated or human transcription services. However, not all websites are reliable and perform good transcriptions. In this review, you will receive a list of services, which are trusted by customers.

List of Trustworthy Academic Transcription Services

Our list includes 8 websites. Carefully study the brief information about them.

Transcriberry is an online service that provides transcribing services, that is, high-quality translation of video and audio into text. The platform uses a deep learning process known as automatic speech recognition to quickly and accurately convert speech to text. In addition, the company employs professional experts to provide manual transcription services. By combining automated and manual transcription services, the service provides the highest quality audio decoding in each particular case.

The platform protects and stores user content. No one else has access to it.


Scribie is a platform that offers transcription services for users, i.e., services in converting audio and video files into text documents. The operation of the website is very simple. Users can upload their files using a special form and pay according to the opportunities they want to use. The platform automatically converts audio and video files into text documents. The received document must be checked by the user for errors. If inaccuracies are found, they should be removed.

The platform offers an online editor for users. This simplifies the process of editing the resulting file and tracks the progress of content transcription.


You can also get transcription services on the website. The program has a simple interface and a built-in voice recorder, so you can record in the background quickly and efficiently. The first 10 minutes of using the program are free, then 1 minute of decryption of the audio recording costs 1 dollar.

Rev offers a high level of transcription quality through the use of professional audio transmitters and editors. They work non-stop, delivering accurate transcripts without delay and at reasonable prices.


Temi is a professional application that represents a voice recorder for recording audio and then transcribing it into the text. The platform offers customers affordable prices. So, you will have to pay only $ 0.25 for one minute of decryption.

In order to use the application, you need to create an account while providing true personal data. The completed transcriptions are synchronized with the user account, so you will be able to view the most important parts of your conversation at any time.


The TranscribeMe platform aims to provide quality transcription at the lowest cost. Through the use of a combination of the latest speech recognition technologies in combination with personal specialists from all over the world, the service provides sufficiently high-quality transcriptions of any audio files, including lectures, conferences, seminars, etc.

In addition to standard transcription services, the website provides customers with many other convenient features. The most beneficial include the 24/7 customer service and the provision of HIPAA / GDPR compliant processes. Transcription is carried out in 10 languages, but services will be expanded soon.

Transcription Panda

Transcription Panda is one of the trusted transcription services today. It offers human transcription at an affordable price. Transcribing 1 minute of audio recording costs $ 1.20, which is an acceptable price in the market.

However, Transcription Panda does not stand out from the competition. Furthermore, it lacks some key features like a web editor, mobile apps, and the ability to easily delete files from the user account.

Users are attracted by the simple and intuitive interface, as well as the prompt work of the customer support service. These are the characteristics for which the service is valued today.


GoTranscript is a well-known transcription company. It was established in Edinburgh in 2005. The professional team includes 20,000 transcriptionists, customer support experts, and proofreaders. All employees are certified and thoroughly trained. The platform regularly checks the quality and safety of the services provided to ensure the best results.

Many people who need to transcribe an audio file select GoTranscript because the service guarantees a highly secure collaboration. It protects the privacy of customers with 2048-bit SSL encryption. Another important reason for choosing this website over others is the extended transcription system. GoTranscript has reimagined the audio transcription process for the internet age and developed its own system from scratch.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription offers quality differential audio transcription services. Traditional services of the platform include automated transcription and human verification of the transcribed audio recording. In addition to the basic services, there are many additional ones, including transcription in Spanish and transcription of video files. Another interesting and fairly popular service of the platform is the conversion of paper documents into electronic ones.

As for the prices for the services provided, they are quite high. Therefore, the platform does not receive as many clients as the other websites described above. Transcription is usually performed from several days to 1 week. It all depends on the size of the audio or video file to be decrypted. If you need more urgent transcription services, you will have to pay more.

So, each of the 8 transcription services described above has its own characteristics, as well as pros and cons. But Transcriberry stands out favorably against their background, as it offers the fastest and highest quality services for decrypting audio files, thanks to the use of both automated and manual transcription technologies. Choose the services of this platform and get perfect transcriptions already today!