Reign Season 5 – What Is the Renewal Status of This Series?

The historical story of the kings and queens will always be fascinating to the people. That’s the reason why Reign gains so much popularity over a few years. The long story of Mary queen and her life in her kingdom was a fan favorite. The series has already released four seasons of the reign and now there is season 5. The fans of this series are hoping to see the fifth season but I don’t really think that CW is planning to renew it. 

The series is surely famous around the people but everything has to come to an end. In this article, we are going to see what will be the future of The Reign and whether we can expect a season five or not? If you are a fan of this series then this is your stop point. 

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Reign – What Do You Need to Know?

Reign season 4 updates

The American Television series tells the story of the queen of Scots and her empire. The show is a historical romantic drama series. So, if you are someone who always finds romantic series attractive then you should give this series a try. Reign was first introduced to the people on 17 October 2013. The story sets in the time of the 16th century and you’ll love all those kingdoms and palaces. Reign series broadcast on CW TV network and till now there are 4 seasons of this drama out. 

After season four, the show admirers are looking for updates on whether or not their favorite show is making a U-turn after its last season. The first season was released on 17 October 2013. Well, if you wanna know whether the fifth season is coming or not then read the next section. 

Reign Season 5 – Is It Happening or Not?

The last season i.e, the fourth season was aired back 16 June 2017. Now, it’s been almost four years since we have last seen our Queen Mary and it is so heartbreaking that there is nothing we can do about it. The historical drama is already canceled and the CW has decided to not renew the series for the people. 

Four years are enough for a series to get back on the track so I can’t hope for anything more. The people are waiting but now everyone is shifting their interest towards other series. Now there are chances of the show to get back but if any other TV series decided to take this show, we might see it. But the possibilities of happening this are very negligible

Moreover, if there will be any more updates regarding the show, I’ll update this section for you. 

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Reign 5 – What Can I Expect With the Storyline?

Reign season 4

The storyline of this series will look quite similar to the ones in the Wattpad. The main protagonist of this series is Mary who went to France due to some reason. As soon as she entered back to her kingdom, she found out that there was planning of her marriage going on. She has to marry Prince Francis, who she was engaged to back in the time when she was only 6 years old. 

Now, you might think, oh! Wow, this is so great a prince and princess are going to marry but No. There is a lot of conspiracy, evil, and love in this drama. You’ll come to know some of the evil characters of this story who tries to break this marriage. Plus, Mary has the responsibility to look after all the social and political affairs which were happening in the kingdom. There was also a sudden occurrence of her feelings towards Francis which she tried to control.

The show is set for people who love romantic series. Filled with romance and some beautiful dialogue, this is something you shouldn’t miss.

In the fourth season, Mary was returned to her palace and decided to look over the kingdom. The powers which were taken from her were again returned to her after her hard work. She even has to fight back with her enemy John Knox. There were a lot of things going on and we’ll also see how Mary and Queen Elizabeth II got some issues between them. Not only this but Mary got married to Lord Darnley. 

If they ever decide the fifth season, it will again follow Mary and her kingdom’s life. We might get to see some more evils in the story. As the story is set to be romantic, it will be great to see some romantic scenes between her and the male cast. But since the fifth season is nowhere soon so it is wrong to give any false hope. 

Reign 5 – Who will be the Cast of this show?

If there will be the series of the fifth season of this show then I want Adelaide Kane to play Mary, the queen of scots. Mary is the main protagonist of this story and it would be not a good idea to skip her from this role. She has earlier shown her interest in this series and we know that if the fifth installment ever decides to happen she is definitely going to come back. 

reign cast

Other than that, Megan follows will also be cast as Catherine de Medici. Other than Mary, her character also plays an important character in the show. Now, in the next few lines, I’ll be going to add the cast which will be back if there will ever be the fifth season. 

  • Torrance Coombs will be seen as Sebastian de Portaires. 
  • Coming to the next character i.e, Toby Regbo will be cast as Francis II of France.
  • Celina Sinden will be back as Lady Greer
  • Jenessa Grant will be seen as Lady Aylee.
  • Caitlin Stasey will be back as Lady Kenna.
  • Alan Van Sprang will be cast as Henry II of France. 
  • Anna Popplewell will play the character of Lady Lola. 
  • Sean Teale is going to be cast as Louis, Prince of conde.
  • Craig Parker will be cast as Stephane Narcisse.
  • Rose Williams will act as Claude of France. 

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What Are the Ratings of the Show?

The popularity of this show was immense and this is the reason why the fans of this show weren’t that happy. Of course, the end of any show will not leave happy memories because the fans are never satisfied enough. Now, if you are new to this series and planning to watch it then it is your right decision. Before heading to watch this series you should check the ratings first. 

The IMDb rating of this show is 7.5/10, which is, to be honest just average. has rated this show with a rating of 8.4/10. 

Moreover, 94% of the people like this TV show on the internet. The fans of this series are honest and that’s why they have rated the show with 6.6 ratings in Audience Rating Summary. 

Final Words

The historical drama series, Reign has come to an end. After the show has officially ended broadcasting the seasons. Regin has already released its four seasons so far and if you want to watch it you can go to Netflix. The romantic series is just amazing for the people who love to watch some romantic scenes. In the future any TV network decided to broadcast this show on their channel, then only we are able to see it. But this side of the show is very dark and I don’t know if it will ever happen or not. 

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