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Rei is a freshman student who has refined orange-brown hairs. Her eyes are red-bloody in color. In the series, she is the daughter of a detective police inspector. The girl belongs to the member of the Sojutso Club and she is the only one who blindly trusts the leader of their group. Want to know more about her? Proceed Reading…

Starting from the physical information-

  • Age-17
  • Gender-Female
  • Height-164 cm (5’4.5″)
  • Weight-50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Eyes-Red
  • Hair-Brown
  • Bust-87 cm (E) (34″)
  • Waist-57 cm (22.4″)
  • Hips-89 cm (35″)
  • Status-Alive
  • Weapons- Mop Handle, Nightstick, and Springfield M1A1 Super Match

Voice By-

Rei has the longest hair in the group which is glowing orange in shade whom she used to tie in a pony-tail. Her reddish eyes always compliment her beautify although she has a slight and thin figure with roomy-shaped breasts.

She continuously appears in the same school- uniform in every episode. But in some parts of the story, we see Rei wearing pajamas and padded knee socks.

Rei is the offspring of Tadashi Miyamoto and Kiriko Miyamoto. From her childhood, she had a crush on Takashi Komuro in fact both of them ha decided to marry each other in the future. But promises are made to be broken as they grew up she felt that Takashi always takes her front in order to get over this situation she decided to dump him and replace him with Hisashi Igou.

However, she always embraces Takashi which is the reason she never gets deeply attached to Hisashi.

Coming to her personality, as mentioned above she belongs to the Sojutsu Club which is the reason the member has to be stalwart meanwhile, Rei is one of the toughest members of the group. Despite her power, she is a kind gorgeous girl with a lovely personality who is admired by everyone.

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