What is Redream Emulator? | Know With Complete Technical Information

Nowadays eSports are getting popular day by day. This is a new career choice for many people and most importantly Teenagers are getting inspired from big gamers and choosing gaming as their career options. Many new games are launching in the market. With new games there are new gadgets which directly or indirectly effect our game and one of them being Emulator. So in this article we’re going to discuss about one of the well known Redream Emulator. If you interested to know about it, Stay tune!

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What is Redream Emulator?

Redream Emulator

This Emulator is last Emulator of Sega Console. Redream Emulator is one of the Famous Dreamcast’s Emulator which happens to run on the Android smartphones. If you are someone like me who loves Dreamcast amazing games then this is for you.

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Guess what? This emulator helps its you to play Dreamcast games like Soul Calibur, Jet Set Radio, Power Stone, Space Channel 5, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue.

Furthermore, Redream Emulator is small in size and take less space. This Emulator doesn’t require BIOS file for installation which helps to make the process quite easy. You can also transform Redream into however you want to. For this, just go to MENU and do the changes.

You can also change the control and it is quite easy. You just have to play with tapping and dragging. What did I just say? 😱

Yeah, just tap and drag wherever you want to put it in and you are done. In Redream Emulator you have to select a ROM in order to process. You can download redream emulator from its official website.

Technical Information of Redream Emulator

  • Package Name – Io.recompiled.redream
  • Category – Emulators
  • License – Free
  • Requirements – Android 5.0 or above
  • Operation System – Android
  • Author – Recompiled LLC
  • Language – English and 43 more
  • Total Downloads – 56,706

Redream Emulator

Review of Redream Emulator

Feedback are necessary in order to judge any product. So, it is also important that you should check the reviews of Redream Emulator. Let’s read some of the opinion of people –

Makasu 1992

When I downloaded this from a couple of months ago, I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect. This was my first emulator to download and I was shocked by the experience of Redream. I tested Marvel vs Capcom 2, one of the rarest games and this made me jump with joy, seeing one of my favorite games played. I tried out various dreamcast games for Redream and I for one recommend this app. I’m so glad that I get to play one of my favorite games as a child.”

Lizbeth Mora

I Had a great time with this DC emulator! And when I plugged in a controller, I had a blast. Until I disconnected the Controller and the touchscreen buttons are super unresponsive. I couldn’t play the game, I just only had to look at a menu screen. Overall this app is great”

Scott Elvin

Dreamcast on Android is finally here, this has played all the classic Dreamcast games smoothly and also allowing me to try some of the more cult/Japanese games. Plays near perfect with Razer Kishi gamepad giving a true Dreamcast in your pocket experience close to the original and will be 100% perfect. It’s so good 1 play this just as much as the actual Dreamcast and considering selling the original console.”

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Redream Emulator


Redream Emulator is popular for running games in Android devices. This Emulator is best for running Dreamcast games efficiently.

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