Recovering Lost and Deleted MS Word Files By Using Best Data Recovery Tool

MS Word is the most popular document format among students because they use it for several purposes, such as making assignments, drawing flowcharts, or taking digital notes. These files comprise diverse types of valuable information, but sometimes you can lose them without any warning, which can be problematic. That is where you need to use Word document recovery software so you can access your lost files back.

Part 1: What are the Reasons for the Lost Of MS Word Files

Recovering a lost file with free data recovery software is another thing you can do because you need to know why these Word files got corrupted without warning. You can know this by understanding some reasoning points discussed here:

  • MS Word is great software, but since it is heavy in size, your device needs to be up-to-date to run this software. This can be a valid reason for the loss of MS Word files.
  • Digital devices need a good charge to work efficiently, but sometimes, the device’s battery health is so damaged that it begins to meddle with the device. If you are working on a Word file, and there is a sudden power outage, you can lose the MS Word file on which you were working.
  • Overheating is very common, especially on laptops, because people usually use them for a long time, placing them on blankets. This can impact the data stored in the device, and you can lose your data, including Word files, to this overheating problem.
  • Sometimes, force updates on PCs can mess up the files stored in the device. The files can be lost because of these force updates, which is very common in Windows 10.

Part 2: Which is the Best Tool For Recovering Deleted or Lost MS Word Files?

If you lost the Word files unintentionally or accidentally deleted them, there is no need to worry about this because this situation can be controlled. To retrieve the lost files, you can use a free data recovery software named Wondershare Recoverit. There is no need to compromise on the format or content of the document you are retrieving with this tool because this tool supports a wide range of formats.

Moreover, this tool has a well-designed and secured data policy, so you don’t have to worry about things like a data breach. This tool is a one-stop solution for recovering lost files back into your access, and there are no contract-type requirements that you have to fulfill.

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Part 3: How Can You Recover the MS Word Files Effectively?

Recovering permanently deleted MS Word files with this tool is easier than you think, so feel free to follow the instructions given here:

Step 1: Launch Recoverit and Select Location

To get started, download Wondershare Recoverit on your device and launch it. From the main interface, select the option of “Hard Drives and Locations.” Then, select the drive from where you’ve lost Word files and click “Start.”

Step 2: Scan the Selected Location

Following this, the tool will automatically scan the selected drive, and you’ll see all the lost files on your screen. You can click on the “Pause” or “Stop” button when you find your required lost Word files.

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Step 3: Preview and Recover Files

After this, click on the “Preview” button to analyze the recoverable Word files one by one. Once satisfied with the results, hit the “Recover” button and select a path to save the recovered MS Word files.

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Part 4: What Makes this Data Recovery Tool the Most Efficient and Dependable

While working with MS Word files, you should also know that file recovery software can be used in scenarios like the accidental deletion of an important file. Wondershare Recoverit is a free data recovery software that you can use not only to restore lost files but you can also use it to recover lost videos, photos, audio, and emails. This tool is the ultimate solution to returning lost digital files because it can recover them professionally.

Above all, this reliable recovery tool supports more than 1000 file formats and 2000+ storage devices, so there are no file and device limitations. One of the most important points that make this tool better than other data recovery tools is its recovery rate is 95%. There are also 35 patent technologies referred with this tool which sets it apart from its competitors.

Part 5: Popular Features Of The Best File Recovery Tool

  • Enhanced Photo & Video Recover: Sometimes, photos and video files are very hard to retrieve, and users mainly face difficulty while retrieving them. However, you can now use the exceptional Enhanced Photo & Video Recovery feature of Recoverit to restore these lost files.
  • Advanced Video Repair: With this outstanding feature, you can swiftly repair severely corrupted and damaged video files. This tool can repair several types of video formats, and above all, you can repair multiple video files simultaneously.


To wrap up, losing a Word file is not a big deal, but retrieving them back can be if you have no idea about a good data recovery tool. Wondershare Recoverit is an innovative data recovery tool that you can use to recover your lost files. To restore the lost files, you can follow the straightforward steps instructed above in this article.