Mexican Actor Rebecca Jones Passes Away at 65 in a Hospital!

Rebecca Jones, a famous Mexican-American actress who was in telenovelas like “El angel Caido,” “Cuna de Lobos,” “Imperio de Cristal,” “Para Volver an amor,” and “Que te perdone Dios,” has died and gone to heaven.

Rebecca died on March 22, 2023, when she was 65 years old. Rebecca had a great acting career that lasted for more than 40 years. During that time, she was in many telenovelas. Read on to find out what happened to Rebecca Jones.

What Happened to Mexican Actress Rebecca Jones?

For anyone who doesn’t know, Rebecca was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2019. She had been in the hospital recently because she had pneumonia and a lung infection. Rebecca’s team said in a statement that she had died.

Jones’ team started the heartbreaking statement by writing, “It is with great sadness that we tell you of the death of our dear and admired Rebecca Anne Jones Fuentes (May 21, 1957–March 22, 2023).”

Mexican Actor Rebecca Jones Passes Away at 65

The statement from her team continued, “Rebecca was always with her family and friends, and she died in peace and with a deep sense of gratitude to the people for whom she had worked her whole life.” In the next few days, we’ll all help her say goodbye, just as she wanted.”

In the end, they gave a token of thanks to all the people who sent the Mexican actress love and support when she was going through a hard time. “Thank you to everyone who was always aware of Rebecca’s health,” they said next. History never really ends. “See you later” is what it says.

Verónica Bastos of Telemundo said on “Hoy Da” that a source close to the late star told her that Rebecca spent her last moments with her son, Maximiliano Camacho.

Bastos said, “She has a wonderful son named Maximiliano. I’ve been told that he was with her until her last moment in bed, tucking her in, with her family and the people she loved most surrounding her.” People have told me that Rebecca’s death was peaceful. She was surrounded by the people she loved most when she died, so she was at peace. Today, the great actress Rebecca Jones died in her home.

About Rebecca Jones

Jones was born in Mexico, and his career lasted more than 40 years. When she was young, she moved to California and worked as a waitress. When she went back to Mexico, she got her first part in the telenovela El Coleccionista. The actress has been in movies and TV shows like “Who Killed Sara?,” “Doa Flor and Her Two Husbands,” “La Casa de Las Flores,” and “Seora Acero.” She has won several awards for her work. Laguna Beach High School, Saddleback College, and the University of Southern California are all places where she went to school.

Mexican Actor Rebecca Jones Passes Away at 65

Jones was with Alejandro Camacho, an actor and producer, for 25 years, from 1986 to 2011. They have a son named Maximiliano Camacho Jones and have been in several movies together. The musician, who is 34 years old, went to school in New York and now works at a nightclub as a DJ. Quien says that he loves electronic music and stays out of the spotlight because of this. Reports also say that Jones was five months pregnant with a girl shortly after the wedding, but they lost the baby because Jones’s uterus wasn’t strong enough.

Jones told Caras in an interview in 2022, “You have to stop being afraid of death and learn how to listen to your body. Even though breast cancer is the most common type, ovarian cancer can also kill. We need to pay attention to our bodies and learn how to listen to them. If I had known then what I know now, this wouldn’t have happened to me. I learned to meditate that way, which helped me deal with stress.

“I worked harder than ever before. I don’t like being seen as a victim because when I walk into a room, people say, “Here comes the actress Rebecca Jones,” not “the one who got cancer.” So, it’s also important not to pick on the sick. “I would love to write a book about what to say to people with this disease and what not to say,” she said.

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