Reacher Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need!

Reacher will be back with another action-packed season soon.


For fans clamoring for more Jack Reacher action, there is good news. Reacher Season 2 will begin shooting this September.

Reacher debuted on February 4, 2022, on Prime Video. I had little hope for the show. The previous adaptation starring Tom Cruise was good but they were not satisfactory.


The cruise was a miscast as Reacher. When I heard Alan Ritchson will be in titular character for the series I was relieved. The actor stands 6 foot 2. It is quite close to 6 foot 5 in height of Reacher as described in the books.

The show got better with each episode churning out more of the story and action in close quarters. The finale was worthwhile. My! My! I was wrong. The show is great in line with other Prime Video productions like Jack Ryan and Bosch.

Lee Child himself has been vocal in his support for Ritchson. Lee admits Cruise was miscast in his talk with The Guardian.


If you haven't seen the titan hero in action, do give Reacher a shot.

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Reacher Season 2 Release Date

reacher season 2 release date

Just three days after the release of the first season Amazon renewed the series for another bout.

Amazon reported Reacher placed among its top five most-watched series ever in the U.S. over a single day period.

It is also one of the highest-rated series by the members with an average rating of a staggering 4.7 out of 5.

The shooting of the second season commences this fall. The actor confirmed it on Twitter himself. He also spilled the beans on what the second season will be about. We will discuss this in detail in the next section.

The shooting of the first season took roughly five months. According to tvguide, Reacher Season will premiere sometime between mid to late 2023.

Let's hope it will be worth the wait.

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Reacher Season 2 Plot

reacher season 2 release date

I usually do the cast section before this. But understanding the basic premise of season 2 will able us better estimate the returning cast and the new joiners.

The second season of Reacher will be based on the eleventh book of the series titled Bad Luck and Trouble.

The premise of the book is mainly about revenge for previous teammates of Reacher who are mysteriously wounded up dead. A classic trope cliché by now seen in every media from novels to movies featuring an ex-military protagonist.

The decision not to go chronologically through the series is what I applaud. The second book of the series Die Trying does not dwell on the ex-military cops' past. Bad Luck and Trouble is a great read. It invests equal amounts in action and thrill as well as Reacher's previous unexplored past.

It will be a great way to bring the character more depth on-screen and make him more likely to audience who has never read his novel appearances.

One quirky fact about the novel is ten pages into it the Child has reminded us a seventh time just how gigantic is Reacher. The child himself says that how the huge size of Reacher is an indistinguishable factor from his personality. The intimidation he gives off with silent treatment and starting face when he interrogates is his and his only.

The plot of the book follows Reacher as he investigates the whereabouts of his two missing comrades and enlists help from his previous team members.

If the series opens with the same action sequence as in the book it will be a great treat for the eyes. One hint only: It involves a helicopter and yes, Tom Cruise is not on it. Haha! That makes it two hints.

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The Reacher Season 2 Cast

reacher season 2 release date

How can the show go without Reacher himself? So, he will be there in the action gunning down the bad guys. Alan Ritchson returns as Jack Reacher.

The show is about old comrades. Definitely, Maria Sten returns as Frances Neagley. New actors will be cast as Reacher's old mates from the military.

It is established in the books that Reacher is nomadic. He finds staying in one place for more than a few days suffocating. Reacher will be a new place for the new season. So, any of the cast from Season 1 will not be returning. You won't be seeing any residents of Margrave, Georgia from the previous season except in flashbacks.

As news of new castings comes up, I will keep updating the post. Keep in tune with to get all new news on the entertainment.