Raymond and Ray: the Upcoming Comedy-drama Will Set to Release in U.S

The upcoming comedy-drama film Raymond and Ray, directed by Rodrigo Garcia, had its world debut at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Raymond and Ray’s release date has been set, and the film will be available soon. The Raymond and Ray release date has been set for October 21, 2022; the film will be available on Apple TV Plus on that date.

The film will concentrate on two brothers who are reunited at their father’s burial. Further in this post, we will learn more about Raymond and Ray’s plot, characters, trailer, spoilers, streaming platforms, and other details.

Raymond and Ray: the Upcoming Comedy-drama Will Set to Release in U.S

Raymond And Ray Release Date

Raymond and Ray will be available on the streaming service Apple TV Plus on October 21, 2022, for those who were unable to attend the event. As previously stated, the forthcoming film debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, which took place on September 12, 2022.

Where Can I Watch Raymond and Ray?

Raymond and Stay will be available for streaming on the popular Apple TV Plus platform, which is the film’s distributor. The next comedy-drama film will have a runtime of 100 minutes and will be available in English. The release date of October 21, 2022, has been established, and the audience will be able to watch it from the comfort of their own homes on Apple TV Plus.

Raymond And Ray’s Plot

The plot of Raymond and Ray will center on two half-brothers named Raymon and Ray. These characters are portrayed by exceptionally brilliant actors who have already given the audience remarkable performances. The two brothers meet at the funeral of their father, who was not a particularly good person. Both of them have unpleasant recollections of him, and he was not someone they could rely on or respect.

Raymond and Ray: the Upcoming Comedy-drama Will Set to Release in U.S

His funeral provides the brothers with an opportunity to reflect and reinvent. The film explores numerous topics, including rage, pain, love, family, and brotherhood. It is believed, based on the information that has been released, that the brothers will attempt to comprehend their father and why he did the things he did, and perhaps even forgive him. Despite the fact that he was not a good father to them, they will attempt to make the best of the situation by keeping things light and humorous.

The Cast of Raymond and Ray

The talented actors who comprise the Raymond and Ray cast are listed below.

Raymond and Ray: the Upcoming Comedy-drama Will Set to Release in U.S

  • Ethan Hawke portrays Ray in the film.
  • Ewan McGregor portrays Raymond in the film.
  • Sophie Okonedo portrays Kiera in the film.
  • Maribel Verdu performs the role of Lucia.
  • Todd Louisoperforms the role of Canfield.
  • Tom Bower portrays Harris in the film.
  • Maxim Swinton performs the role of Simon.
  • Chris Silcox portrays Leon in the film.
  • Chris Grabher portrays Vincent.
  • Angie Campbell performs the role of Rose.
  • Vondie Curtis-Hall will also appear in the film.

What Can We Expect From Raymond and Ray?

Raymond and Ray’s spoilers indicate that the film is filled with a variety of emotions, such as pain, wrath, unresolved sentiments, brotherhood, paternity, love, and hate. The film is supposed to highlight a dysfunctional connection between two brothers and their father, as well as how they cope with their loss, which includes not just their father’s death but also his absence as a good parent.

They are reunited at their father’s burial without ever having known who he was. The film will take us on a trip where the heroes attempt to remake themselves and progress.



The clipping does not offer much, but there is a clue that the brothers are in a predicament after the death of their father and a preview of what the film would bring to the table. The official trailer is anticipated to be released soon, most likely closer to the film’s release date.