Ranking of Kings Season 2 When Will This Anime Aired?

At the end of 2021, Ranking of Kings sprang out of nowhere, captivating anime fans with its gorgeous euro-fantasy aesthetic and delightfully empowering tale of a young deaf prince.
In all honesty, the first season of the programme was a masterwork of contemporary anime writing. It kept viewers guessing the entire time as it told a clever, subversive story about heroism (and what heroes look like) over the course of 23 episodes. It is also undoubtedly beautiful.

But what does the series’ future contain now that the first season is firmly in the past?

What is the Potential Release Date of Ranking of Kings Season 2?

The second season of “Ranking of Kings: Treasure Chest of Courage” will be added, according to the official Twitter account for the anime version of the Ranking of Kings. In 2023, the second season of Ranking of Kings is expected to air. To mark the introduction of season 2, a fresh key visual with Prince Boji and his pal Kage has been made public.
Ranking of Kings Season 2

The manga was chosen by Wit Studio for an anime adaptation.However the precise premiere date has not yet been disclosed.

Cast of Ranking of Kings Season 2

All of Bojji’s new buddies from the first season should appear if the show returns for a second season. Following are the voices of all of Ranking of Kings‘ key characters in both Japanese and English.

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An all-star production crew, including chief director Makoto Fuchigami (Soul Eater), director Yousuke Hatta (Death Parade, One Punch Man), and assistant director Arifumi Imai, was in charge of Ranking of Kings season one as well (Attack On Titan).

Expected Plot of Ranking of Kings Season 2

Most of the key plotlines in Season One of Ranking of Kings were resolved at the show’s conclusion. Bojji and the great four were able to defeat Ouken and Miranjo, King Bosse eventually passed away (for sure this time), floating away in a rather graceful manner. King Daida was given control of his body once more. In case you missed it, Daida also requested Miranjo’s hand in marriage.

Ranking of Kings Season 2

There isn’t much information available aside rumous, however the creator, Ssuke Tka, stated in an interview that happy ending stories are his favourite because he has a kind heart. I’d like to make everyone happy if I can. But I’m unable to assist the villains in that way. All there is to it is that.

Who knows what this means, though; we don’t know if there are any truly “evil” characters in Ranking of Kings.

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It’s difficult to predict where the story will go in season 2 given the new stakes. However, the final few seconds of the episode may contain some pointers.


About five months before the first episode of Season 1 of Ranking of Kings aired, the first trailer was released. A trailer for season two ought to be released in April 2024, if our forecast that it will premiere in late 2024 proves accurate. Here you can watch the trailer of season 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made Bojji curse?

The incredibly potent curse that has basically taken all of Bojji’s inherent power and given it to his father, Bosse, is the cause of his weakness. Because of how strong this curse is, it can even drive away other, weaker curses, like it did to the cursed mists of the Underworld.

Is Funimation home to Ranking of Kings?

Funimation Gets WIT STUDIO’s Ranking of Kings. Are you prepared for a brand-new experience like no other? We’re pleased to announce that Ranking of Kings will be a part of the Funimation anime season in the fall of 2021. And this trip is going to be very unique.

Can you watch anime for free on Funimation?

A small portion of Funimation’s catalogue is available for free, but there are tight limits. Funimation is a streaming service that specialises in anime (in both subtitled and dubbed formats).

Is “Rating of Kings” depressing?

You’ll laugh and cry while watching the anime “Ranking of Kings.” If there’s one thing to know before watching Ranking of Kings, it’s that you’ll be celebrating at the end of episode 1 and crying at the end of episode 2. This anime is adept at captivating viewers.