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Ramona Singer : Fired from The Real Housewives of New York?

There is a speculation about Ramona getting fired from the show because of her bad behavior with her co-stars.

Ramona Singer is an actor and a businesswoman who is the only cast member who appeared on all the seasons of The Real Housewives of New York which had started in 2008. Singer made $500 thousand per episode of the show.

She has been a constant in the show but is single right now after her divorce with Mario Singer in 2014.

Ramona was in Fashion after she completed her graduation as she worked with Calvin Klein, Macy’s and later started her own anti-aging skincare brand Ageless by Ramona. The business was a success. She also made a wine which now goes by her name. It is called Ramona Pinot Grigio. Singer’s wine is from Italy.

Ramona Singer

The 64-year-old celebrity she has also released a book in 2015, ‘Life on the Ramona Coaster. Her net worth has now become $18 million which is definitely a lot. Ramona is also the owner of RMS Fashion along with the rest of her businesses.

Is Ramona Singer Dating Someone?

Ramona is single and after her divorce with Mario Singer, she hasn’t been in a proper stable relationship for a long time. Although, she wants to be in love again with someone. In spite of being open to love, Ramona is also very particular about wanting a man and not needing one. Singer wants to be with someone she cares for and who cares for her.

Name Ramona Singer
Age 64
Net Worth $18 Million
Ex-Husband Mario Singer
Kids Avery Singer
Business RMA Fashion, Ageless by Ramona
Nationality American
Place of Residence New York City

She claims that she doesn’t want money or other luxuries. She has everything. So, all she aims for is a good and healthy relationship and she won’t settle for less. She would rather not have anything than be with someone who isn’t enough.

She was spotted having dinner with a man at Point Lookout, New York waterfront restaurant in August, 2021 but there has been no further updates about the identity of this man.

Ramona Singer

Ramona had dated someone before and during the pandemic but she said that the person had temper issues. So, that didn’t work out.

Singer is not getting back with Mario even though the two stayed together with their daughter Avery during the pandemic.

Did Ramona Pass a Racist Comment ?

It was rumored that Ramona said “This is why we shouldn’t have black people on the show” in reference to Eboni K. Williams. It became a big scandal even after Ramona’s name was cleared.

Eboni was allegedly not satisfied with the investigation.This might create problems for the upcoming reunion of The Real Housewives of New York Season 13.

The rating for season 13 has not been that great and that’s also being considered as a reason to put the reunion on hold.

Ramona Singer

This isn’t the first time that Ramona has passed a comment and has been slammed for it. It also happened when she once said that a black nurse had refused to give her pain meds when she was in labor. She also said that Jews hate her.

These comments have somehow affected the entire show because a lot of people have questioned the network for keeping Ramona on the show in spite of her behavior.

Luann de Lesseps , friend and co-star of Ramona, also condemns Ramona’s behavior. She explains how Ramona has this habit of offending people because she felt like she was not included.

Then she went and apologized profusely but the pattern kept repeating. This behavior has led to a lot of problems for her especially on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

Although Luann has solved her problems with Ramona and claims that there is a softer side to her. She has been a great friend and also sang for her once.

Is Ramona Singer into Charity? 

Yes. Singer has donated a portion of her profit from her wine business to help provide shelters for domestic violence victims. She has been involved in the charity Africa Foundation and Beyond which helps build schools for children in Africa.

Ramona lives in New York and has a marketing degree from a Fashion Institute. Her career might have had bumps and she might have been labeled as a racist or been demonized for other reasons, but one can’t deny that she is a successful and independent women who has worked hard to reach where she is.

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