Raising Dion’s Season 3 Release Date: Is Dion’s Dad Alive?

After a two-year hiatus, raising Dion has returned to Netflix for a new season of superhero antics.

Following a single mother named Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) and her eight-year-old super-powered son Dion (Ja’Siah Young) after the death of her husband Mark, the American sci-fi drama first aired on October 4, 2019. It is based on the 2015 comic book and a short film of the same name by Dennis Liu.

Nicole must now work with Mark’s best friend Pat to keep her son’s magical and superhero abilities a secret as Dion shows signs of awakening (Jason Ritter).

Raising Dion Season 2 premiered on February 1, 2022, on Netflix; many fans wonder if there will be a Season 3 after watching all eight episodes of the latest season. Raising Dion’s next season on Netflix has yet to be announced. Here’s what we know so far about a possible third season of Raising Dion

Season 3 of Raising Dion Has Already Been Confirmed by Netflix

Raising Dion season 3

Netflix canceled the third season of Raising Dion on April 26, so there will be no more seasons.

It was announced on Instagram by Sammi Haney that the show had been canceled. “Raising Dion has been POSTPONED. Thanks to everyone who came out to show their love and support! Season 2 was just as successful as Season 1, if only by the number of people who watched it in its entirety and expressed their desire for a third season!”

The show’s younger cast members were rallying behind the effort to keep it on the air. “The fastest and safest way” to ensure another season is to stream Season 2 within the first 30 days of its release on Netflix, say, Ja’Siah Young, Sammi Haney, Gavin Munn, and Griffin Robert Faulkner in an Instagram video.

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According to Young, season 3 will be renewed quickly if enough people do that. Fans were urged to watch and share the series immediately by the stars.

Also, on Twitter, Sami Haney, the actress who portrays Esperanza in Raising Dion, shared a video of kids explaining how the show can get a season 3.

For nearly a month, Netflix’s top-rated show was Raising Dion. Season 1 was ranked 17th on IMDb, while Season 2 was 70th. The show gained a devoted following after capturing the attention of nearly 32 million viewers, 60% of whom were located outside of the United States. Many critics have praised the show’s ability to transport viewers into a fantasy world.

17.55 million hours were spent watching Raising Dion Season 2 between February 14th and February 20th.

Season 1 ranked 17th on IMDb, while season 2 came in at number 70. The superhero series gained a devoted following after attracting nearly 32 households, 60 percent of which were outside the United States.

When Be Will the Third Season of Raising Dion Available on Netflix?

Raising Dion season 3

As expected, raising Dion Season 3 will not be available on Netflix in May of 2022.

The third and final season of Netflix’s Raising Dion has yet to air due to the show’s cancellation.

If the Show Returns for a Third Season, How Will the Storyline for Raising Dion Continue?

Season 2 of Raising Dion ended without a cliffhanger, unlike Season 1. The post-credits scene hinted at a future showdown between Dion and Pat, so Season 3 will likely build toward that conflict.

Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Raising Dion?

Hold on to your hats. Season 2 of Raising Dion premiered on Netflix on Monday, February 1st. Since the streaming giant usually announces new seasons of shows after viewing statistics are available, we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for an announcement about season 3.

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There’s a lot of room for a third season of the Netflix show, even though it hasn’t been renewed yet. So, keep an eye on this page!

Who Could Return for a Third Season of Raising Dion?

Raising Dion season 3

Because Dion Warren (Ja’Siah Young), Esperanza (Sammi Haney), and Jonathan King (Gavin Munn) were still on good terms at the end of season 2, we can safely assume that the Triangle of Justice will be back for season 3 if it is greenlit.

After Nicole was infected by the strange flowers in the sinkhole in season 2, she danced with death, but she survived and will tell another story in a potential third season.

David Marsh and Jason Ritter’s Crooked Pat, the show’s evil former family friend, are also expected to return for a third season (Josh Ventura).

Dion’s coach Tevin Wakefield (Rome Flynn), the head of Biona Suzanne Wu (Ali Ahn), Aunty Kat (Jazmyn Simon), and Janelle Carr are all possibilities for returning cast members (Aubriana Davis). With no official word yet, we’ll have to keep an eye out for any new developments.

If Raising Dion Returns, What Would the Plot Be?

When season 2 ended, Dion and Nicole were able to free Brayden from the twisted energy enslaving him.

The show’s former host, Pat, began to relapse shortly after Dion learned that “energy never dies” (as the show likes to remind us).

Pat said, “Hello, old friend,” as he embraced the newfound energy. Pat was enticed by the prospect of building an army by the untrustworthy David Marsh.

There’s a chance that a third season will focus on Pat and David’s sinister union.

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Season 2’s ominous post-credits scene teased a future showdown between Pat and Dion, so we can expect any future seasons to lay the groundwork for this chilling encounter.

A third season could also explore Nicole’s work at the Biona research facility, which was hanging at the end of season 2.

The trailer for season 3 of Raising Dion has yet to be released, which is understandable given that the show has yet to be renewed.

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