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Raising Dion, a superhero origin story with a twist, was published on Netflix. The Michael B. Jordan-produced sitcom follows the challenges of a young kid (Ja’Siah Young) and his family as he begins to gain abilities.

Raising Dion Plot

Nicole Reese is forced to raise her son Dion alone when her husband Mark passes away. When Dion displays numerous superhero-like skills and abilities, Nicole’s work as a single mother becomes even more difficult.

Nicole enlists the aid of Mark’s closest friend Pat to safeguard her kid and educate him how to utilize his talents for good. They strive to discover out where Dion’s skills come from while also protecting him from people who would abuse his ability.

Netflix Official Synopsis

Nicole, a mother, raises her son Dion after her husband, Mark, goes away in the film Raising Dion. When Dion begins to show many strange, superhero-like powers, the regular difficulties of parenting a son as a single mother are heightened. Nicole now has to keep her son’s talents hidden with the aid of Mark’s closest friend Pat (Jason Ritter), as well as safeguard Dion from enemies looking to abuse him while figuring out where his skills came from.

Raising Dion Cast

Ja’Siah Young plays Dion, and this is his first recognized role onscreen after an uncredited performance in Scarlett Johansson’s comedy Rough Night.

Alisha Wainwright plays Nicole Reese.

Michael B. Jordan plays Mark Reese.

Jason Ritter plays Pat.

Jazmyn Simon plays Kat.

Raising Dion Ending Explanation

The Season 1 conclusion of Raising Dion answers one important question: who is the Crooked Man? At the very end of Episode 8, we learn that the mysterious, murderous storm was all along Dion’s godfather Pat (Jason Ritter). He apparently gained powers as a result of his exposure to the aurora event in Iceland in 2010, but he’s kept them secret from the rest of the world (except, you know, the people he was murdering).

Pat, who was suffering from the same deadly illness that was devouring Iceland’s flora and wildlife after the catastrophe, used his storm powers to absorb other super-powered humans into himself, alleviating his sufferings (but only briefly). He didn’t see a way out of his position until he realized Dion possesses healing abilities. His new mission: persuade Dion to use his healing abilities, despite the fact that wasting so much energy may kill the youngster.

Pat succeeds in absorbing Dion’s mentor Charlotte Tuck in the season finale, and then uses Dion’s talents to cure himself. However, Dion and his super team (which includes his mother Nicole, best friend Esperanza, frenemy Jonathan, and BIONA chief Suzanne) beat Pat by keeping him in his storm form with a homemade lightning rod and bombarding him with science. Pat/Crooked Man is vanquished and maybe destroyed as he evaporates into the sky.

When Dion’s father Mark (Michael B. Jordan) returns and soothes his son and wife, we get the genuine laugh of the climax. He’s not living anymore, but he’s not dead either. Pat’s defeat freed all the souls and spirits of the super-powered individuals he had imprisoned, allowing Mark to hug his family once more.

Just before Mark vanishes, Dion pledges (as much as an 8-year-old can vow) to find a method to bring him back to life for good. Dion and Nicole are back home, attempting to get their lives back to normal when we last saw them.

But the season is far from over. We return to the property after a cut to black, where Pat murdered another super-powered individual earlier in the season. However, things aren’t going well on the farm; the farmer’s wife has been murdered, and the farmer’s son, Brayden, has walked out of the house.

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As he does so, a similar storm erupts around him and suffocates him. It appears that the Crooked Man has possessed the telepathic Brayden, who is a second-generation powerful human similar to Dion (a.k.a. Pat).

Is there a chance for Raising Dion sequel?

We don’t know if Raising Dion will receive a Season 2 or not a program will return for more before it premieres, and that’s not a problem. It’s possible that Netflix won’t make that announcement for another few weeks or months. Meanwhile, if you enjoy Raising Dion, you should watch it as soon as possible and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same. Netflix is concerned with these figures.

If you’re wondering if there’s enough content for a Season 2, the answer is yes. Will Dion and Nicole be able to bring Mark back to life permanently? What mischief will Brayden/Pat, a teeny-tiny supervillain with much too much power, cause?

When Raising Dion Season 2 will release?

Season two has been announced by Netflix, with Carol Barbee, the show’s co-creator and showrunner, returning for the second instalment. Jordan will return as executive producer as well.

Raising Dion was the tenth most popular US series release on Netflix in 2019, so it’s no surprise that they’re bringing it back for a second season. There isn’t a release date established yet, but given that many newspapers claimed that development will begin in January of this year, we’ll have to wait a long time.

What will be the plot of Raising Dion 2?

Season one of Raising Dion threw a lot of diverse concepts at its dedicated audience, producing almost as many narrative elements as Dion had powers, which means season two will have to tie up a lot of loose ends with laser vision (or something).

Dion’s father is probably the most crucial stray storyline, which has frayed into a potential plot hole.

In the first season, Dion’s father Mark’s (Michael B Jordan) ghost appears to visit his family every now and again. It’s a little like a ‘Star Wars Force ghost,’ but the rules aren’t obvious – at first, it looks like Mark’s soul is imprisoned in The Crooked Man’s storm, but when The Crooked Man is destroyed, Mark reappears and offers his family a heartfelt embrace.

Mark says that “energy never dies,” which is similar to the phrase “no one is ever truly gone” from The Last Jedi, bringing the notion even closer to Star Wars. Mark’s sudden power to remain corporeal while being dead, like master Yoda’s ability to strike trees with lightning in that movie, throws a whole slew of difficulties into the story. What’s to stop him from simply reuniting with his family if he’s living again? And where is Charlotte Tuck (Deirdre Lovejoy) if these are the laws of the universe? She gave her life for Dion, so doesn’t she deserve some companionship as well?

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******** spoiler ahead********

Season two should also go more into Dion’s relationship with Biona Labs, which first appeared to be the bad guys until exposing themselves to be the good people. Unless they do a U-turn, we anticipate them to continue assisting Dion, maybe even building the sophisticated super suit he so badly needs.

With season one’s contenders – Rashad and Mr Anthony – sitting on the shelf, we’d welcome a little romance for widow Nicole (unless season two goes full Ghost and casts Mark in the Patrick Swayze role). Because we’re romantic softies, one of season one’s big triumphs was how it created multiple connections that we’d want to see grow romantically.

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