Raised by Wolves Season 3 Release Date: is It Cancelled or Renewed by HBO Max?


Raised By Wolves offers all the essential elements of a captivating sci-fi series—high concept drama, thought-provoking plotlines, and gorgeous visuals—with an extraordinarily imaginative world at its centre. Do people still exist? How about this series? Has HBO Max cancelled or renewed the TV series Raised by Wolves for a third season?

Brief Information About Raised by Wolves Season 3


Name Raised By Wolves
OTT Platform HBO Max 
Written By Aaron Guzikowski 
Raised By Wolves Season 3 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

About Raised by Wolves Season

It centres on two androids who have been given the responsibility of raising human infants on an unknown virgin planet. The six human offspring of android Mother (Collin) and Father (Salim) and their brood of six android children join a newly established atheistic colony in the enigmatic tropical zone of Kepler 22 b in season two.


Raised by Wolves Season 3

As Mother's “natural child” threatens to wipe out what little of the human species is left, navigating this weird new civilization is just the beginning of their difficulties.

Potential Release Date of Raised by Wolves Season

Raised by Wolves, one of the bravest works of science fiction on tiny screens, has been cancelled by HBO Max after two seasons. The only purpose of HBO Max's statement was to express gratitude to the Raised by Wolves writing team; no explanation for the choice to forgo a third season was provided.

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For fans, there may yet be some optimism despite the cancellation. Abubakar Salim, the series' actor, said on Twitter that Scott Free Productions is actively looking for opportunities to continue the show elsewhere after the announcement.

Expected Cast: Who Could Be in It?

Everyone's favorite serpent baby was no longer significant after that breathtaking finale, and the same was true of Morgan Santo's Ville. However, a long list of cast members who all seemed prepared and organized to return has been made.

  • Amanda Collin as Mother/Lamia
  • As Fatherm, Abubakar Salim
  • As Campion, Winta McGrath
  • Travis Fimmel plays Caleb
  • Niamh Algar plays Sue.
  • As Tempest, Jordan Loughran
  • Hunter Ethan Hazzard
  • As Holly, Aasiya Shah
  • The grandmother is Selina
  • As Tamerlane, James Harkness
  • Decima, played by Kim Engelbrecht
  • As Nerva, Jennifer Saayeng
  • Vita as Ivy Wong
  • Lucius, played by Matias Varela
  • As Cleaver, Peter Christoffersen

The Plot: What May Have Occurred?

The second season of Raised By Wolves concluded on a significant cliffhanger, leaving a lot of things in doubt. Things didn't seem promising for Mother or any of her offspring, for that matter. By the end of the second season, Mother was Grandmother's prisoner, held captive in a mock prison, and the majority of our core group was in danger due to intentions to devolve the kids into something less than human.

Even though there  were probably screenplays written and a plot planned, the show's creator, Aaron Guzikowski, was unwilling to share anything prior to the cancellation in order to keep things a surprise for fans.

Raised by Wolves Season 3

But there are many plot arcs and unanswered questions currently. For instance, why are Earth and Kepler-22 so connected and why are there so many tunnels beneath Kepler-22's surface? Marcus, portrayed by Travis Fimmel, would genuinely return in the narrative as a figure akin to Jesus. What in the world was happening to Sol?

Trailer of Raised by Wolves Season 3

the trailer of Raised By Wolves Season 3 has not released yet. Till then you can enjoy the trailer of previous season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Raised By Wolves' IMDB ratings?

Everyone evaluates an exhibit based on their score. The scores typically provide the most accurate assessment of a display's likelihood of remaining in the air. The better the scores, the higher the probabilities of survival. The show has a fantastic rating of 7.5/10 on IMDB.

Can I watch Raised by Wolves on Netflix?

In the US, Raised by Wolves is only accessible on the HBO Max streaming service.

Who or what is the subject of Raised by Wolves?

The mystery signal, which is sometimes mistaken for the voice of the Mithraic God Sol, is also revealed to be The Entity, an outside force that is striving to affect all life on Earth.