Races and Classes in Ashes of Creation

The creators of Ashes of Creation have called their project “the rebirth of the MMORPG genre”. This is a very strong statement, as well as numerous statements about the development of the game world, which will lie entirely on the shoulders of the players. And it is not only about the wars and various intrigues. The players will be able to influence the climate of cities, destroy or lift the economy from its knees, as well as impact the development of entire civilizations.

You can get into this wonderful world from May 14, when the developers will launch a closed stress test of Ashes of Creation, which will run until July 9. To enter, you need to be a member of the zero alpha, a member of the press or buy a set for $ 500. For such a game you need at least a good keyboard, with which you can fully experience all the features of the game. We suggest you take a look at the Corsair k55 review. And now we will look at all the currently available races and classes in the game.


When creating a character, players will have nine races to choose from. Precisely, the main races in Ashes of Creation are divided into subspecies, resulting in a total of nine different races.

  • The Tulnar are the only race that survived the global cataclysm in the world of Verra. Players who choose the Tulnar path will start the game in a separate starting area in the underground city. The race was added to the game when the project’s Kickstarter campaign reached the $2.5 million mark.

The Aela Humans are divided into:

  • The Kaelar, an ancient people whose representatives erected the most powerful empire in the old world. The Kaelar are loyal to their roots, honor order, and are ready to meet any challenge.
  • The Vaelune are a tribe that respects law and trade. The Vaelune people existed in the desert for a long time. But, after an economic boom, the inhabitants built a rich empire.

The Pyrian Elves are divided into:

  • Empyrean, a tribe of majestic elves who gained their power through years of training and a complex system of control.
  • The Py’Rai are extremely dangerous forest people who believe that everything comes to a balance with time and that nature has its way. The fierce warriors of Py’Rai take no prisoners.

The Kaivek Orcs are divided into:

  • Ren’Kai, a calm and judicious tribe of orcs who observe honor and a code of strength. They always think clearly and are able to manage their incredible power, which helps them win wars repeatedly.
  • Vek are a people who follow the heavens and destiny. When members of the Vek clan look at the stars, they realize what destiny awaits us. They can predict the future, enjoy astrology and numerology.

The Dünsenkell Dwarves are divided into:

  • The Dünir are brave warriors who have honed their craft and are now able to build indestructible walls and unbreakable weapons. The Dünir are one of the strongest tribes that were famous for their power in the old world.
  • The Niküa are freedom-loving craftsmen for whom family is most important. While the Dunir see the mountains as their home, the Niküa see it as a prison.


A character of the chosen race can become any of eight classes – there are no class restrictions in Ashes of Creation. At the same time, the main class can be complemented by a secondary archetype, which will complement the specialization of the main chosen archetype.

Instead of combinations of different archetypes, you can focus on one option, choosing additionally the same class that was selected as the main one and become a specialist of a certain archetype! For example, by taking a mage both as the main class and an additional class – you will become a real archmage. As a result, out of the 8 canonical archetypes, we get 64 unique classes.

Classes Presented in Ashes of Creation:

  • Fighter is a true master of close combat. The class is extremely agile, so it’s perfect for fans of dynamic battles. Fighter is ideally equipped with all types of knives.
  • Tank is the main support for the whole team. He carries out his usual role. He defends his comrades-in-arms and imposes war on his opponents. But, he also has a rather unusual function, which is damage distribution.
  • Rogue is a Stealth Master with high mobility and agility, making him a splendid initiator of battles. Traditionally for the genre, the Rogue can cause a lot of damage in a very short amount of time, making him one of the deadliest archetypes.
  • The archer (Ranger) is a classic archetype armed with a bow and various types of arrows. The class boasts of huge damage and a comfortable range but lacks mobility.
  • Mage is a familiar archetype that destroys all living things with elemental spells. A mage has a huge number of massive spells in his arsenal, which can not only bring a large amount of damage but also put negative effects on the opponents.
  • Summoner is a class, which, as the name suggests, is able to summon various creatures to help. Summoner has a lot of dangerous and extremely useful creatures in his arsenal. The class is extremely dependent on the choice of a secondary archetype because it dramatically changes the summoned helpers and, the style of the game, accordingly.
  • The Cleric is the most important class in a group of players on a quest for adventure. The Cleric restores the life force of your teammates and sucks the energy out of your enemies.
  • The Bard is a master at playing various musical instruments to strengthen allies and weaken enemies. Bards know secret and powerful songs that can cause the worst nightmares or inspire others.

Secondary archetypes are more than just an additional skill branch. The secondary archetype fundamentally changes the primary chosen class by changing abilities and giving them unique effects. For example, such abilities of a person outside of the human body can also be obtained with the help of fallout implants. Besides, the secondary class can be changed, unlike the main class. This will definitely appeal to those who are used to playing as one character without creating a dozen additional twinks to test.

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