Queen of the South Season 6: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

Will Queen be back in the South for the sixth time?


Updated on 29 January 2022.

Have you been watching the Queen of South series meticulously? Be happy, because today we are back with Queen of the South season 6, and it has to be worth the wait. Not only will the article take you through a long journey, but, by the end of it, you will know the entire back and forth of the sixth installment. Read till the end.


Queen of South: A Quick Recap

Before the finish of season 3, as the dramatization advances, she shows her courage and orders a lot of force. 

We see her get into a ton of activity, battle with her enemies as she progresses from a feeble lead to a promising kickass champion. 


We've gradually come to like the possibility of a female medication cartel chief, her assurance to her way has kept us connecting with, her longing to construct a realm, and her aspirations know no bound.

As the story continues to prepares 4 consummations with an enormous cliffhanger. 

This, no big surprise is trying our understanding for the fifth season, to see whether Teresa's arrangements work out or she can rescue the circumstance. 

Furthermore, season 5 addressed all that was left unanswered in season 4. The fifth season is comprised of 10 scenes. 

Queen of South Season 6 Release Date

Queen of South is up for next season, which will comprise 13 scenes very much like past seasons. The fifth season has at last closed on the ninth of June, 2021. 

Also, fans are holding on to hear the restoration of the show, so will there at any point be Queen Of South Season 6? The response to this could be extremely obliterating for the fans. 

Queen of the South Season 6

At the point when the fifth season circulated its last scene, it was the last time you saw Teresa Mendoza and her cast engaging you.

The first creators have uncovered that the show has authoritatively been dropped and there will be no 6th season. 

According to Tv Series Finale, also  the new season 6 of this drama is cancelled or ended.

Indeed, the news is exceptionally tragic, and we could simply pray for divine intervention, yet season six is profoundly improbable to occur. 

The heads of the show referenced they needed to end the show in a note. Where everybody had a cheerful outlook on it, and that is the thing that they did. 

The fifth period of the show additionally dealt with numerous issues. Creation stopped, to be definite on March fourteenth, 2020, in the midst of the bedlam of the pandemic, which made fans sit tight somewhat longer for their inquiries. Particularly after the emotional cliffhanger in season 4. 

Queen of South Cast

Queen of South Season 6

Every one of the old appearances returned in season 5. Alice Braga will assume the part of the hero, Teresa Mandoza, alongside Hemky Madera, Peter gadiot, and Nick Sagar

We can likewise see some new faces and some natural projects from the past season. 

The substance of the story is Mendoza herself, she carries life to the show. Her appeal as a hero sticks out and moves the story the correct way which is startling and bending on occasion. 

Maybe we as a whole have a weakness for a defective person like Mendoza. She appeared to be ethically wealthy first and foremost however as she gets messed up in an influence battle. 

She continuously changes into something unrecognizable from her past self. Who might kill without hesitation and utilize any means to accomplish their objectives? So her base is unstable and we can identify with such characters. 

We're searching for more blood-chilling scenes just from season 4 in which the young fellow becomes guaranteed in the reaction to an assault that was intended for Mendoza. Desire to see a greater amount of our queenpin Latina Mendoza. 

Drama Name Queen of South
Category Drama
Release Date Cancelled
Developer M.A. Fortin, Joshua John Miller
No. of Seasons 5

What's the Delivery Date for Queen of the South Season 5?

Season 5 of Queen of the South was reported by the USA in August 2019, directly toward the finish of season 4. 

Generally, each period of the show has debuted in June and finished up in late August or early September. While the restoration declaration set season 5 up to follow that equivalent direction, things haven't by and large gone to design. 

Queen of the South Season 6

As indicated by Newsweek, season 5 started shooting toward the beginning of March 2020, with plans to start circulating in June. Nonetheless, likewise with most other film and TV shoots this spring, creation for the following period of Queen of the South was put on endless rest half a month after it started creation. 

Fortunately, the cast and team had the option to head once again into creation in November 2020, safeguarding the chance of a debut at some point in the principal half of 2021. Concurring to Express UK, star Alice Braga was harmed during one of these fall shoots. 

Braga shared a snap of the subsequent wrap on her hand with a nervy message about an activity stuffed season 5, so it doesn't seem like the harm was excessively intense. Ideally, Braga is well, and the series maintains a strategic distance from additional deferrals. 

Newsweek previously revealed a fan talk that season 5 of the show will debut in March 2021. However, this currently appears like a fast turnaround if creation just continued in November. 

Right now, it's impossible to tell precisely when season 5 of Queen of the South will debut, however in view of what we know, we're getting it will drop at some point in mid-2021.

Summing Up

I hope the article has covered all the details about the sixth installment and has answered all your questions and uncertainties. Feel free to mention them in the comments section. I would love to answer your questions. Peace out!

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