Pulse SMS – The Ultimate Text Messenger

The long battle between iPhone users and Android users will go on till infinity of whom being the best. Although both of them are great in their own place but somewhere they differ from each other one of them being in messaging.

Let us know what smartphone you use?

My friend who is an iPhone user loves his smartphone messaging feature and of course the camera. iMessages are one of the leading features and if you are connected to the internet, you will able to send and receive messages from any devices.

Whereas Android doesn’t have anything like this, but they are surely giving each tech company choices to manufacture their own messaging app. It further supports messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and many more but they’ll also be required to have a Wi-Fi or data connection for working. So, for Android users, there is something which Klinker apps want to give you.

Are you Excited? 😁

Pulse SMS
Pulse SMS

They have an amazing app name Pulse SMS which obviously a texting application and the best thing about this app is it works with more than one devices. Let’s read this article thoroughly to get every single detail about Pulse SMS.

Pulse SMS – A Great Messaging App

Klinker app, who are the Developers of Pulse SMS, release this application on Google Play Store on Nov 15, 2016. This application has over 1 Million plus users across the globe. Any android phone with 5.0 or above can run this app smoothly. This application lacks in giving access to users other than Google Play services.

So, it means if you are a user which don’t have Google Play Store services in your phone you can’t use this application which includes mostly Huawei phones. Apart from this, Pulse SMS is a great application.

Furthermore, this application also works with other devices like tablet, Android TV, Linux, macOS, Samsung’s Tizen smartwatches as well as Windows.

As you can see it works nearly with almost every device. Also, you don’t need to install the desktop app, it works fine with any desktop browser.

The same applies to Computer too. But you do need to have an up-to-date update of your web browser and every web browser will work fine with it.

You can easily Download Pulses SMS for free from Google Play store.

Why choose Pulse SMS app?

“As a user, what we would get from this application?”

I know, I know guys

Most of you have the same question and that’s why I am here to clear all your doubts and answer your queries. Without wasting time, let’s see the features of Pulse SMS.

Features of Pulse SMS

  • For most of the people it’s just a messaging app but what we most of us are lacking is this is a wonderful app which can access message anywhere. The app doesn’t matter where you are, whether you are watching TV, working on your Laptop, playing your favourite game, you’ll get your message anywhere.
  • It also works on End-to-end Encryption. So, your message is safe and secure.
  • Unlike iOS, Our Android SMS doesn’t allow us to send such things, that’s why we use another networking site like WhatsApp to send files, documents, audio, video and many more. With Pulse SMS we can share any type of media through One Click.
  • Moreover, you can sync your data. No matter from which device you preferred to send the message, it’ll always store your data. If you are someone who loves to manage their app, so you can do it here. To be honest I always change my application according to my preference. When I got to know that Pulse allows customization of the theme I was beyond happy. So if you are someone like me, GO FOR IT.
  • This application will work on Dual sim Management.
  • If your Boyfriend/Girlfriend love to send you Romantic texts. You can Pin 📌 their sweet text and read Anytime, Anywhere. Furthermore, You can eventually enable the Night Mode for late night chatting with BF/GF.
  • Pulse SMS Automatically replies to the messages based on your keywords, contacts and driving/vacation /Airplane modes. Now, this is what we say high-tech.
  • Block the people who disturb you every time.

Pulse SMS – How it gives competition to iMessages?

All the features such as end-to-end encryption, Working with many devices, sending any time if media and a lot more features make it a unique Android application. Being this SMS application in your hand you can send many SMS and MMS from any corner of the world.

Additionally, it is password protected and absolutely free to use.

Can an iOS user use this app?

We all are aware of the Apple scheme. It strongly resists the use of any third-party app and we know the Pulse SMS is a third party app. But you can access this application from Android phone, on your iOS devices. You have to follow the steps in order to do this.

Step 1 – Open safari.

Step 2 – Click on this or type  https://pulsesms.app/  in the search bar.

Step 3 – Open the Menu

Step 4 – Click on “ Home Screen”

Step 5 – Follow the steps to getting the app on your iPhone.

Pulse SMS – Is it Free application?

Umm. it’s a little tricky but I will tell you easily. If you download this application in your Android smartphone, it doesn’t need any payment. There, You can send, receive MMS and SMS for a long time.

You don’t need to pay till Pulse SMS is your default messaging app. But when you switch this to other Devices, you need to pay a certain amount of money.

Pulse SMS – Know About Subscription

So, talking about the payment or Pro version, what you’ll get in it? Most importantly you can able to switch in any number of devices you want, there is no limit. It also makes it easier to switch between phones. Also as long as you have your SIM card you can have a good backup of your messages after you get a new phone. The subscription of Pulse SMS is mentioned below.

  • To unlock the features – $0.99/month
  •  For 1 Full-year – $5.99
  •  For lifetime membership – $10.99

After choosing the suitable plan you can access to its features. And I must add here that this a good deal.

Pulse SMS – How to Download this app?

So, let’s check out the steps which we need to follow in order to use this application. Are you Excited?

  1. The first step will be downloading this application through Google Play Store.
Pulse SMS
Pulse SMS

2. Open the app, it will ask you to make Pulse SMS as your default messaging app, choose it.

Pulse SMS

An optimizing screen will appear, wait for a few minutes.

You are Done! 🎉

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Before finishing the article, let’s check the feedback which the user gave to this application.


So far I am loving this app, it’s Lil slower than the native text app but I can live with it. And the main reason to get this app was it’s the ability to text from my PC and that part works great. 👍 Here’s my biggest issue – When texting in a group message with multiple recipients, the messages are sent as individual messages so everyone in the group gets one individually. This confuses the group members and also me, and also gets me in new situations. Like everyone from a group texts me “ hey Jackson, I think you just sent this to me”, when the fact that it went to everyone, just not as the group. Also, I Haven’t found a setting that can allow me to change the group message function. Very frustrating if I can’t group text! “

Jack Huntoon

“It’s been only three days since I am using this application now and I could not be happier. This application works great with my Pixel 4A, my Chromebook, and must add here… my Kindle as well. It works flawlessly. The spam message keep coming and was quite frustrating. But now I’m quite happy that I have found Pulse SMS.”

Sebastian Coeme

“I really had high hope for this app because I love the functionality to perform over various platforms. I was really very close to asking my employer to purchase different accounts in order to able to communicate well with my team members. While I am typing this feedback, The web app on my computer is YET again stopped on a loading screen. I must add that the idea is amazing. “


PULSE SMS is a great app which is designed especially for Android phones. Although it also works great in other platforms such as a tablet, Android TV, Linux, macOS, Windows, Samsung’s Tizen smartwatches as well as Windows. You can download this app free from Play Store. If you find this article helpful comment us down. We’ll glad to read your comments.