Check Out These Things Before Choosing Public Mobile!!

A Telus subsidiary, Public Mobile utilizes the country’s biggest network. Public Mobile provides 3G and cutting-edge 4G LTE options, but you won’t receive Telus’ blazing 5G speeds. 

There are no contracts or commitments because this cellphone provider exclusively offers prepaid services. Every plan is month-to-month, enabling you to pay for what you require when you require it. Plans from Public Mobile start at $15 per month for basic 3G speeds or $41.25 per month for the least expensive 4G service.

S. NO. Plan Name Cost Grab Offer
1 $30 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 3GB $30 Click Here
2 $25 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 1GB $25 Click Here
3 $50 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 20GB $50 Click Here
4 $40 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 15GB $35 Click Here
5 $35 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 3GB $40 Click Here

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
  • Plans start at just $15/month
  • Points program that helps you save
  •  money
  • Excellent coverage and Spead
  • Prepaid carrier with 4G plans
  • No unlimited data
  • No 5G 
  • Very limited phone options are available
  • 4G plans are more expensive

Things to Like About Public Mobile:

  1. A variety of options
  2. Points system
  3. 4G plan options

1- Cell phone plans in Canada are known for being very expensive, so finding a plan that is affordable is always a good thing. You can get 5GB of data every month for only $40 with the best value selection. There are pricier choices available that offer a lot of information. You can get 20GB of data for $70/month with a 3G plan, or 40GB of data for $95/month with a 4G plan.

Public Mobile

2- Every month, you can earn Public Mobile Points that can significantly reduce your payment. Doing small things like paying for your service or telling a friend about it can help you save money. Each Public Point is valued at $1, and they accumulate rapidly.

3- Out of the three prepaid brands, Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile, and Chatr, only Public Mobile provides 4G LTE data access. 4G is faster than 3G, up to 30 times faster. This means you can download apps, load videos, or stream music much quicker. Customers with 3G plans will have slower internet speeds of 3Mbps, while customers with 4G plans will have faster speeds of 100Mbps. 

Things to Not Like About Public Mobile:

  1. No unlimited data
  2. No 5G
  3. Limited phone Options Available

1- Public Mobile is a prepaid brand that has 4G, but they don’t have unlimited data. After you use up your 3G data on Chatr and Lucky, the internet speed becomes very slow. You can only do basic things like opening emails or simple web pages. 

2- 4G LTE is faster than 3G, but 5G is even faster. It is unlikely that Telus will provide 5G service through Public Mobile in the near future in order to keep the prices and services different.  

3- Now you can buy phones on Public Mobile. The selection of certified pre-owned devices is limited and can only be purchased online. You must pay the full amount upfront. It’s good that there are some phone choices available, but it’s probably a good idea to look at other options to find a new phone. 

About Public Mobile Coverage

Public Mobile has the best coverage and reliability among prepaid brands, thanks to the Telus network. Public Mobile and other carriers may have difficulty providing service in some parts of the country, particularly in the less populated northern areas. The map can help you make sure you have enough coverage. Check Out Public Mobile Coverage.

Public Mobile Phones

The types of phones you can get at Public Mobile will depend on what certified pre-owned phones they have in stock. Right now, the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10 are really good devices.

You can buy an iPhone XR or iPhone SE 2 from the Public for less than $500 before tax. When you buy a device from Public Mobile, you have to pay for it in full and can only buy it on their website.

Is Public Mobile Right for You?

Public Mobile is a great option if you want affordable 4G service without any long-term commitment. You can find many affordable options with 3G speeds. Public Mobile is a good choice for a phone company because they have Public Points that can save you money and they use the Telus network which means you can get service in more places. 

If you want unlimited data, 5G speeds, or the latest hardware, Public Mobile may not be the best option for you. Telus, the company that owns Public Mobile, provides even more features than Public Mobile. This means you can still enjoy great coverage across the country and other benefits with your plan.


Which Carrier Owns Public Mobile?

Telus owns Public Mobile.

How fast is public mobile network coverage?

How fast your Public Mobile data is will be based on your plan and where you are. A 3G plan gives you an internet speed of up to 3Mbps, which is good enough for most simple things. If you use a 4G plan, your speed limit is 100Mbps. This is fast enough to download a movie from Netflix in just a few minutes.

Can I save money with public mobile?

You can save money with Public Mobile. You can reduce your monthly cost by earning Public Points. You can earn them by referring a friend or paying for your service.