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Short Story: The Truth About PTD Webmail



Hey guys! If you have  any questions regarding PTD Webmail, then you are on the right platform. I am here to give answers of your all questions like What is PTD? And how we can take advantage from their services?

PTD (PenTeleData) is a company that was founded in 1994 and is locally-owned in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They provide services in Business, Healthcare, Government Sales, Retail Sales, Banking, and Education sectors. PTD delivers business solutions and offers the following important services:

  1. Networking (Transferring files using any LAN connection)
  2. Security (provide information security management services)
  3. IT services (maintain and repair with highest quality hardware)
  4. E-Mail (An affordable e-mail server for only 60$ per month for your small business).
  5. Dedicated Ethernet (For high speeds up to 1GBPS)
  6. Business Voice (features can be customized according to the requirement of our business)

In this article, we will discuss the PTD webmail, a valuable service provided by them.

What is PTD Webmail?

PTD stands for PenTeleData webmail. It is a web-based email client that helps us check our email at any time, either home or work using any internet connection. 

If you are a beginner and don’t know what is PTD webmail and how to create a PTD account? How this platform helps you to manage your emails and how you can take benefits of services provided by PTD? Then don’t worry guys, I am going to explain all these points in this article. So, stay with me till the end.

Now, A question is arising in my mind what is this email client? What is the difference between webmail and client mail? Let us start getting knowledge about all these things.

There are two main types of email service providers: Email clients and webmail.

How to create PTD Webmail?

Firstly, to create a PTD webmail account, we need to download any desktop email applications e.g., Mailbird, Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. After that we have to change our server settings, as shown below: 

Server Information:

IMAP/SMTP server:

IMAP Port : 993  and SMTP port: 587

IMAP security : SSL/TLS  and SMTP security: STARTTLS

Username: Must be 4-8 characters in length.

Password: Must be 7-8 characters long, which includes at least one special character and one number.

How to create PTD Webmail?

We have successfully created the PTD webmail account after completing the required settings, as shown in the screenshots above.

How to log in and Access PTD Account

We may have up to five free email addresses having extension. It is recommended to use My PenTeleData webmail to access our account. The steps which we need to follow are:

Following these steps will open our account. Further, we can access our PTD webmail account. 

Features of PTD Webmail

  1. Can use multiple email addresses.
  2. No limit on the number of emails to be sent and received. Provides complimentary 5GB space for email storage, after which new emails will be returned back to the sender.
  3. Provides drag and drop option for email
  4. New search feature make it easy to search emails by typing in the search box sender’s name or subject name. 
  5. Check for new emails after a defined time interval(like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.)
  6. All the important facilities like spelling checker, emoticons and multiple signatures, etc. are provided.
  7. Autoresponders
  8. Adding all email contacts to address book makes our work easy.
  9. We can sort emails by its size and date also.
  10. Provides calendar and tab based layout.
  11. Auto-reply messages can be set according to need. For example, out of office or messages at a specific time can be automatically sent to a defined email address.

New version and updates of PTD webmail

IMAP4 is the latest version, which is similar to POP3 but has advanced features. Using IMAP4, While the messages are on mail server we can still search using our keywords and download the desired message on our device.

There is great big news for PTD webmail users. PTD has released a notice on August 06, 2020, regarding the release of the new & Improved PenTeleData email user interface with the migration to a new platform beginning August 17th,2020.

For users using Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer will no longer be supported with PenTeleData’s (PTD’s) email hosting service. But here is a catch, Internet Explorer 11 will continue to function with limited capacity where users will not be able to access new user interface. So, users are advised to upgrade their browsers to Microsoft Edge or any other modern browser.

For Users who book-mark the pages 

During the migrations, users will see a new temporary URL when logged into the webmail interface. This new URL ( would be necessary for PenTeleData  to complete the migration process. So, users are advised not to book-mark URL or used manually to access the system.

Still, if you have any questions or issues with this migration, then you can reach out to PenTeleData’s Technical Support Department at 800.281.3564. After dialing, select option 2 and then select option 3 to reach their technical team.

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I had tried my best to make this content equally helpful for both the persons, one who is a beginner and the other who is already taking benefit of the services provided by PTD. Don’t you think so?

I had covered all the necessary points like creating, accessing and using a PTD account, that a person should know about If he/she is a beginner. 

Also, For the people who had their PTD account already, there is an important update regarding the migration of their account to a new hosting platform and introduction of a new UI.

If you have any doubts regarding any of the above topics then please share with me. I’ll definitely help you to resolve your problems. And stay connected with us for latest updates on PTD Webmail

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