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We are going to cover-

  • What might be said about the anime Psycho Pass Season 3 is?
  • Psycho-Pass Season 3-Character subtleties
  • Endorsed Teaser of Psycho Pass Season 3
  • What happened in the continuation of the story?

Psycho Pass Season 3

Psycho Pass Season 3

Psycho Pass 3 is one of the most known anime on Fuji’s Tv. The anime has the same characteristics as the previous two seasons, it focuses on the story of some new characters with a pinch of older ones. The main lead on which the whole anime revolves is Shindo and Ignatov.

Release Date of Psycho Pass Season 3-

The Psycho Pass Season 3 has a chance to come out on October 24, 2019, and continues to December 12 of the same year. The story starts from where it ends in the past season. So, let move onto the plotline of the third installment.

What Happened In Psycho Pass Season 3?

The story of the third installment starts with a vehicle drone collides with a harbor and the travelers, the majority of whom are workers, are confined on the wharf. The Public Safety Bureau doles out recently designated specialists, Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov, to explore the accident.

Tenma TodorokiKazumichi IrieMao Kisaragi, and Sho Hinakawa came to meet, two of them are sent to solve the case of the drone, although Ignatov, Todoroki, and Irie remained there in order to stay with the immigrants.

During this Shindo finds that one of the passengers left boundless named Rick. During this tempo, Shindo decided to use his ability to do the tracing.

Shindo and Ignatov deduce that Fellows’ murderer was able to keep their Hue clear by causing Fellows to commit suicide. They also realize that the data Fellows provides is proof that Takumi and Tetsuya are involved in an illegal subprime lending scheme.

The story has tons of ups and downs in it, which is loved by the audience very much. Now let’s check out the characters and crew of the Psycho Pass 3.

Psycho Pass Season 3- Characters And Crew

The Psycho Pass Season 3 has some of the main characters that evolve again from the previous parts as well as some new figures are also added by the Naoyuki Onda.


  • Director: Naoyoshi Shiotani
  • Series composition: Tow Ubukata
  • Screenplay: Makoto Fukami, Tow Ubukata, Ryo Yoshigami
  • Character draft: Akira Amano
  • Character design and general drawing director: Naoyuki Onda
  • Color design: Makiko Suzuki
  • Art Director: Shuichi Kusamori
  • 3D Director: Kazuya Oya
  • Director of Photography: Sakiko Murai
  • Shooting visual effects: Eiji Arai
  • Editor: Yoshinori Murakami
  • Music: Yugo Kanno
  • Sound director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Sound effects: Yasumasa Koyama

Psycho Pass Season 3


  • Arata Shindo
  • Kei Mikhail Ignatov
  • Sho Hinakawa
  • Mao Kisaragi
  • Tenma Todoroki
  • Kazumichi Irie
  • Shion Karanomori
  • Mika Shimotsuki
  • Harumi Hosorogi
  • Akane Tsunemori (former)
  • Yayoi Kunizuka (former)
  • Yuan Kira
  • Fuse

Psycho Pass Season 3

How Many Episodes Psycho-Pass 3 Have?

The third season came with a short-statured series that has only eight episodes.

  1. “Laelaps’ Calling”
  2. “Teumessian Sacrifices”
  3. “Herakles and the Sirens”
  4. “Political Strife in the Colosseum”
  5. “Agamemnon’s Offering”
  6. “Caesar’s Gold Coins”
  7. “Don’t Take God’s Name in Vain”
  8. “Cubism”

So from the aforementioned episodes, which one is your favorite and why? Share your audits with us in our comment section.

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Where We Can Watch The Psycho Pass Season 3?

If you are thinking to watch the show again or it’s your first time, then there are a vast number of platforms that are allowing their users to watch the anime, the most popular one is Amazon Prime, undoubtedly the best one.

Rather than this, you can also check out this on Netflix but for both, you need a subscription package but if you are a freebie then here are some websites for you-

  • Crunchyroll.
  • 9anime.
  • AnimeDao.
  • Gogoanime.
  • Anime Planet.
  • Soul Anime.
  • Side Real.
  • Anime Take

The anime series is also available as the DVD version and Blu-ray volume which is established from January 22 to April 15, 2020.

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