Pros and Cons of Aimbot Hack of Call of Duty 


You know what, I love playing first person shooting video game and especially, when it comes from Activision

So, before you play or before you watch my favorite Call of Duty gameplay, here is some key information to read out:


  • The genre of Call of Duty is a first person shooter game.
  • The publisher of Call of Duty is Activision
  • It was first released on October 29,2003
  • The mode of the game is single-player, multiplayer.
  • It got 7.7/10 ratings from Imdb .

What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty 


Call of duty is one of the famous shooting games available for all to play in a free version on android and iOS. 

It was released on 29 October 2003. The game contains different versions and is currently in its sixth season (July,31,2021) for players to play. 

What are the various platforms to play Call of Duty?

The various platforms where one can play Call of Duty are :-

  • Microsoft Windows, 
  • OS X, 
  • Nintendo DS, 
  • GameCube, 
  • Wii, Wii U, 
  • Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, 
  • iOS, 
  • Android, 
  • BlackBerry, 
  • J2ME Nokia N-Gage, 
  • PlayStation 2/3/4/5,
  • PlayStation Portable, 
  • PlayStation Vita.

Game is available to download and play on all the above given platforms.

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Call of Duty 

Call of Duty has two different modes to play in : 

  1. Multiplayer- Multiplayer has two different types of matches; ranked and non ranked matched. 

Ranked matches have different modes like search and destroy, domination,hardpoint, kill confirmed, frontline, and many more. 

They also contain featured modes to play with like gun game, gun game mosh pit, 2v2, one shot one kill, prop hunt and many more. They keep on changing after their limited time is over to play.

With choosing the modes, room leaders can also choose different maps to play in like crossfire, nuketown, raid, killhouse and many others to choose from to play in. 

2. Battle Royale– Battle royale is a 100 player game. Some play in squads of 4 players or teams of 2 or some may play alone. The basic concept of battle royale is pretty much the same as Pubg. Players will be given a map to stay in. 

The map will have a zone which continuously shrinks and the players have to survive the whole time and have to kill all the other team players. The team or individual player who survives till the end and kills all the enemies is the winner of the game. 

The game begins with them being in a flight and dropping to their own selected path. Collect different weapons to kill other players and medics for them to survive and revive themselves.

Both the modes have different concepts. The way you can revive yourself is different or maybe in some modes you cannot even revive yourself. Another mode added was Zombies, it's like an endless survival mode, they are set up in a place with different waves of zombies and they have to kill them to survive it. 

The game has awards, gifting, playing with friends and many more different features for the players to enjoy the game to its best. 

You can even pay for many stuff and features to enjoy royale playing with a royale pass.

Call of Duty Mobile Aimbot Ios

Call of Duty 

What is aimbot?

Aimbot can be called as a software or as a hack built by the players to help them shoot the enemies without aiming them in the game. This hack helps them shoot the enemy players more efficiently and accurately and requires less skill for them to aim them. 

In other words, it's called cheating.

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Let's talk about COD aimbot hack…

Among many hacks made for the call of duty mobile, aimbot is the popular hack used by the players in the game. Using this hack, the player can knock down the opposite players. 

It also works even if the player won't be able to kill the player in that state or position or even if the player does not have the skill to actually knock the player, because of this hack he will be able to kill him. 

The hack automatically locks the enemy in the target and starts firing on them when he is in the range of the player while playing the game. Without being in the range that won't be possible. 

Once the player is in the target it's merely impossible for the enemy to run or hide from the firing. 

The hack is not limited to any modes of the game.

How to Spot Cheaters in Call of Duty Mobile

Since the game has received its success, players have started to make softwares and hacks for the game. Since the Call of duty team is fighting against and making it best for all the real players to get equal experience of the game. 

Here are some ways you can understand which player is the real one and who is a hacker:

  • For the Battle royal mode, players have created hacks to get better loot and weaponry. Keep an eye on them. 
  • Some players may just get lucky for the loot but it isn't necessary for every player.
  • ​You may also notice the running or walking speed of the players as they make an advantage in playing in both modes of multiplayer or battle royale.
  • ​One may also notice the reload timings and the bullet firing speed may have been increased in the game because that helps getting more kills in the game.
  • ​As mentioned above, Aimbot is another hack players use to get the clear aim on the enemies without skills even.
  • Keep a notice on the players who have blank usernames. Because that helps the hackers to not get reported and eventually not get their account blocked. 
  • Another way is that many times players get automatic playing mode where they get to the enemies and get into a fight. You can understand their robotic movements. 
  • That will explain that they are hackers. But this may also happen with players who are new to the game.

Finally, everyone should know that if you know a player who looks like a hacker. You can always report them which will get their account blocked and they won't be able to continue playing with that account. 

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The Conclusion

I hope you understand all the things that I have mentioned above in this article. So, just play the game and enjoy.

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