All Details Regarding Prodigal Son Season 2

Are you someone who loves criminal movie and webseries? The topic of Serial killer always caught up your attention? So, I guess Prodigal son is something which you will definitely love.

The serial killer drama series Prodigal is an amazing show to watch. With great Storyline and amazing acting you will never regret it. The first part of the series Prodigal son was released back in September 2019. Now, this series is back with it’s brand new season 2. This series is something that will catch the eyes of it’s viewer. In this article we are going to talk about every little detail of the upcoming series 😊

Prodigal son Season 2

This Webseries is the sequel of Prodigal Son, an American crime drama series. Chris Fedak and Sam Sklave are the creater of this show. Furthermore the show is created for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It was first premiered on September 23, 2019.

In May 2020, it was announced that the series was premiere in the year 2021. With a total of 20 episode this series is something to check out.


What is the release date of this series?

Firstly the Developers of the show decided to drop the second season in the year 2020. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, every plan regarding the season stooped. Season 2 was started its working again on May 2020.

The prodigal son season first release on 23 September, 2019. In addition, Fans was hoping to see the next season in 2020 but couldn’t.

In an Interview Payne told BT,

“We’re going to start filming Prodigal Son season two hopefully in a couple of weeks, in October,”

The release date is postponed to the upcoming year 2021. We can confirmed that your favorite Serial killer drama Series will stream in the year 2021. Moreover the date of airing of first episode is also released which is 12 January, 2021.

What is the plot of Prodigal son season 2?

The best thing of this series is its Amazing storyline. We don’t want to forward any false storyline to our viewers and to be honest it is too early to predict anything regarding the storyline. But as the last episode of season 1 we can guess the story will go deeper into the Psychopathic behavior of Malcolm.

Also in the last part which highlights “Like father” will again raise questions about the nature of our main hero. Is evilness transfer from our parents to us? Or it depend on our own thought and where we grew up? Also it will be interesting to watch what does Malcolm chooses, his father or truth? This season will somewhat be similar to The Following, Hannibal and Mindhunter.

Moreover, When asked to Payne if he have seen the script in the same interview with BT, he said-

 “I haven’t , but there was something I was quite excited about happening in season 1, and I was like ‘Well this has to happen at some point ’”

He further teased,

“I’m not going to reveal what it is, but there was an unutilized part of Malcolm’s apartment, and I texted one of the writers and I said ‘It would be great if this happened’ and they were like ‘You mean in episode 1 in season two?’ and he sent me the page in the script where this sequence was happening. It’s so fun, I’m so excited to get into it!”

It’ll be fun to see what is going to happen in the apartment.

Star cast of Prodigal son season 2

Star cast is something which every one wants you know. I am sure you’re wondering who will be in cast? Or did the cast change? Don’t worry, let me introduce you with the Cast members of this series.

“ No one’s born broken,

Someone broke us”

I am sure you remember this line, Do you? The main actor and moreover out favorite character Malcolm Bright is definitely going to be in the same chair of FBI agent. He already confirmed that he’ll be in the show as a main protagonist. Moreover, with him Michael Sheen will ne also in the cast as Martin Whitly.

There cannot be only two Characters, Right? So in addition, There are other members to join them  –

• Keiko Agena will be as Dr Edrisa Tanaka

• Lou Diamond Phillips as Gil Arroyo

• Aurora Perrineau as Det. Dani Powell

• Halston Sage will be as Ainsley Whitly

• Frank Harts as Det. JT Tarmel

• Bellamy Young will play the role of Jessica Whitly

Rating of Prodigal son season 2

If you are someone who always check the rating of webseries and movies before watching it. Then let me tell you this show rating is pretty good. The audience gave the 4.8 rating to this show while the IMBb rated 7.7/10 to this show.

Some feedback regarding the show

We have collected some if the reviews of the user-

Syrine Bellafi

“This series is just amazing. I was thrilled and amazed by every episode and I couldn’t get enough. I’m a lot into this kind of series and movies, I mean thriller and crime. This is definitely my second best series after Sherlock. I really really hope there will be a second season, there are things we need to see again and more. This is the first time I leave a review on a series or a movie and I’m glad to do so because Prodigal son deserves it without any doubt. One last thing, the plot twist in every episode is also very good. Keep going please. We really enjoyed it!”

Kasey Jordan

“I absolutely can not wait for the next season, This season was diffidently an emotional roller coaster. At first, I didn’t want to watch the season final because I knew it would be a cliff hanger. But I couldn’t help myself I just needed to know what happened next. Thank you so much Chris Fedak Sam Sklaver for this amazing show, it’s pure genius. This is diffidently one of the craziest shows I’ve seen, but crazy in a great way. It seems like it was just yesterday that it all began.

I can’t think of a way it could can any better than this. I feel like when we finally think we figured someone out, they find another side to them that we haven’t seen before. I think we will find that in season 2 that the characters we all thought we knew is going to make us rethink about who they really are.”

Frequently asked questions

1. Is Prodigal son season 2 is cancel ?

No, it is not cancel but it is true that the date gets postpone to next year. Moreover, the first episode of season 2 will release on 12 January 2021.

2. Is Prodigal son scary?

In contrast to this, I would say it is rather more creepy than being scary. The location of New York Street puts extra pleasant vibe to the show. To clarify again this show is not scary at all.

3. Is Prodigal son is based on True story?

No, this show is completely fiction and not based in any true story.