Private Eyes Season 4: Episode List| Cast And Latest Updates

Private Eyes is a Canadian comedy-drama series. The series was inspired by the novel series having the same name. Private Eye novel is written by G.B. Joyce and the show is created by Tim Kilby and Shelley Eriksen. The first season of the same was aired on May 26, 2016, having ten episodes.

Private Eyes Season 4

The series follows a mix of investigation and comedy. The show is set in Toronto in which ex-hockey plays live name Matt Shade. The series is loved by the viewers so much and even holds a marvelous rating of 7.8 on

After the success of the first season, the creators decided to give us more from their side and ended up giving us three more seasons. The fourth season airs in November 2020 with tons of ups and downs in the life of our main protagonist.

Have you seen the fourth installment? If, no then you are landed in the right place. In this, we have covered numerous things related to the fourth installment.

Cast For The Private Eyes Season 4

This is the best part about the fourth installment that it has our all favorite characters. Jason Priestley is there in the show playing his respective role of the main protagonist, Matt Shade. Cindy Sampson is additionally there as P.I. Angie Everett.

Moreover Jordyn Negri as Juliet Shade, Barry Flatman as Don Shadem, Ennis Esmer. Detective Kurtis Mazhari and Shelley Eriksen are also witnessed in the fourth installment. The high-profile faces is the reason fourth installment got so many goods and positive reviews.

Private Eyes Season 4

Everything About The Private Eyes Season 4

The fourth season is the most viewed show with an average of more than 1 million views on each episode. Critics loved it as well. This is not the end of the success the show is also nominated for five screen awards. The officials are doing great work on the series so consistently.

Private Eyes is awarded for the Golden Screen Award For Canada’s most-watched drama.

The concept of the story is the same as what we have seen in the previous scene. The new thing in the fourth installment in the Gatsby and the Garden Party. But we are seeing our main character spying on the professional faces. The last episode airs on February 4 of the same year.

Fans are in love with the program and even  honoring the series so much look how they reacted-Private Eyes✌😇✌ Global TV✌

Private Eyes 4 Episode List

  1. Family Plot
  2. Gumbo For Hire
  3. The P.I Vanishes
  4. The Proof Is Out There
  5. All’s Fair In Love And Amor
  6. Tappa Kegga Daily
  7. Under Par- Pressure
  8. Blueprint For Murder
  9. A Star Is Tom
  10. Smokes Get’s In Your Eyes
  11. The Perfect Storm
  12. Drop Dead Carny

Private Eyes Season 4

Official Trailer For The Fourth Installment

For those who haven’t seen the official trailer of the Private Eyes 4, then you can watch it here-

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Terminal Words

Do you enjoy the series for the fourth installment? If your answer is yes, then I wanna tell you one more piece of good news. The Eye’s creators have decided to renew the show for the fifth installment and that will be in front of us soon, they say!

Not only this, the fifth installment is underproduction and filming begins in Canada. We hope to get the fifth installment too. Bookmark us at, when there be more news regarding the fifth season then we will make a new post for the same. Till then check out this amazing story of the Medici family, who used to help the artists, musicians, and other small artists.

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