All Recent Updates regarding Prison Break Season 6:

Prison Break is one of the topmost crime and action series, which is highly appreciated by the audience. By the ending of season 5, the fans are suspecting and asking for season 6.

If you are one of its fans and seeking information regarding season 6 then stay tuned with us. Let’s start with one of its famous quotes:

“I choose to have faith because, without that, I have nothing… It’s the only thing that’s keeping me going.” – Michael Scofield.

Prison Break Season 6:

The American Television drama “ Prison Break” is based on two brothers’ stories, which is created by Paul Scheuring for Fox. Moreover, it is a shared production of Adelstein Productions, Original Film, and Fox Television associated with 20th Television.

Actually, the series is well known for its action and crime with its unique storyline. The story revolves around Burrows and Scofield, where Burrows has been convicted for a crime(death of a person) which he has not to commit, so his brother Scofield formulate a plan to save his brother so that his brother can get rid of the allegation of him.

The twists and turns in the Scofield plan to safeguard his brother and the problems he faced to execute it hooks the audience. Five seasons of the series are already released, and fans are expecting season 6.

Now, Let’s put some light on season 6:

Prison Break Season 6: Will it make, its comeback?

Initially, there was news that Prison Break will renew for the sixth season as Paul Scheuring show creator thinking about working on it. But in mid-2019 Fox Entertainment Charlie Collier (CEO) denied it, there was “no plan” to move forward with more episodes of the beloved action series. “There’s no plan right now to revive Prison Break or any of the other franchises,” he confirmed.

But then another news comes up rather a lot of rumors spread regarding the Prison Break so to address the queries Lincoln Burrows star Purcell came up. He addressed some rumors on Instagram.

On September 22, he responds to some of the queries such as:

“Rumour number 1. I’m old. Yes. I’m 50.

Rumour 2. I’m bald. No, I have full have a full head of hair; the people demand I shave it.

Rumour 3. Will Prison Break Season 6 will happen. Yes….”

So far, this is the only news revealed about the series so we have only limited details about it. After the Purcell words the there is no declaration from the Fox, so we have to wait for the Fox confirmation as well.

Prison Break Season 6: When it will release?

Purcell didn’t disclose when the filming date will begin and moreover said that due to COVID-19, it could be a little while. However, he is also posting confusing posts on his social media.

Also, a post shared on September 22 that he is currently in Vancouver, this is the place where Prison Break is customarily filmed.

Till now, there is no official confirmation from the FOX side but fans are expecting positive signals from Fox.

We will update the article, quickly as we get any verified information from any authoritative source.

IMBd rating:

The show was popular and it was appreciated by the audience and the observer. Based on the numerous factors, IMBd gives it a rating of 8.3, which is excellent.

What’s your opinion regarding the rating?

Seeking reviews as well, have a look at them:

Audience Reviews:


Part of the pleasure of the series is that particular pleasure of watching a super-heroic character who can't fail.

Lucy Mangan:

It is the kind of program that makes you long for ad breaks and a little respite from the terrible, terrible strain of being so thoroughly entertained.


Not only does the series not redeem itself in the three episodes previewed for critics, it manages, at best, to be “The Longest Foot.”

Rare M:

This season is by far the best; the nine last episodes is so intense, you will stay on the edge of your seat.

Prison Break Season 6: Star Cast:

Again, the Star member Purcell shared the news, possibly he will again be back in the new season but the Wentworth Miller has confirmed that he will not be returning to performs the role of Michael Scofield in the Sixth season.

Miller revealed the news on Instagram, saying he does not want to play straight characters anymore and even more he mentioned on its Instagram that I’m out of PB (Prison Break) Officially and “I just don't want to play straight characters. Their stories have been told (and told). So. No more Michael.”

Other actors that are expected to return in Season 6 are:

  • Rockmond Dunbar in the role of C-note.
  • Robert Knepper acts as T-Bag.
  • Amaury Nolasco acts as Sucre.

Even we are expecting Inbar Lavi’s Sheba and Sarah Wayne Callies Sara Tancredi-Scofield's comeback in season 6. Which star cast member you want in season 6. Share your view with us.

Prison Break Season 6: First look:

Since the season is in the early-stage so there is no trailer released yet. With Purcell's confirmation, we are not yet sure whether the production of the season has started or not.

We can only expect its trailer once the creators confirm the release date, till then we can’t expect the trailer. All trailer news will be shared with you as we get it.

Prison Break Season 6: What will be next in the Storyline?

It is expected the story will kick start from where it left. You might remember that Michael had been granted full exemption from his crimes under the CIA agent Poseidon (Mark Feuerstein).

Back in 2017, ridiculed by Miller to a reporter when he said, “Michael’s home but I don’t know if he’s at peace. “He’s been living a nightmare, for years, and now he’s back – back from the dead. “He’s reunited with his loved ones, but I think he would be haunted for a long time.”

So, from this we can predict, Michal is finally free to settle with his family but this will not be so easy for the career outlaw and he might find himself stuck in action again.

If the season will be renewed then it will back with new action and crime to relish all its fans. So, hope for the best.

Prison Break Season 6: Where to watch?

You can stream all the prior episodes of the Prison Break on Fox. So, we expect that the season 6 episodes will also be available on Fox. Once the episodes are accessible on Fox, you can further stream them on Hulu.

So, you can stream season 6 on Fox and Hulu.

Famous Quotes:

I am a big fan of action and crime drama and even its my habit to jot down all the quotes of the favorite drama series. I have done for this series also. Do you have any habits like this? Let us in the comment section.

Give a glance at a series of renowned quotes:

  • “I’m not asking you to love me. I already screwed up that chance a long time ago. I’m asking you to love yourself. You can still put the brakes on this thing.”
  • “We are captives of our own identities, living in prisons of our creation.” –
  • You show up and give me the one thing a man in my situation shouldn’t have… hope.”
  • “As a devoted student of your work and skills, I really look forward to the progress of your plan, Michael.”
  • “Funny that you only call me when you need me. or maybe funny isn’t the right word.”
  • “He may run this place during the day, but I run it during the night.”
  • “I came in here a man. Give me the strength to walk out of here a man.”

Now, you tell me which quote is your favorite? Share with us in the reference section. We will update it in the article.


After reading the above article you might be wondering when will Fox approve season 6. Isn’t it..Actually, I myself don’t have any information regarding it but we will surely share with you as soon as any information is received.

Fox will soon give a positive sign for the season. Till then, wait for the approval and hope for the best. If you haven’t seen any of the seasons yet, this is the high time to go for it. Connect with us, for any help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. What is the last season of Prison Break?

Ans. So far, season 5 is the last season of Prison Break. The last episode of the season was – “Behind the Eyes” which was released on 30 May 2017.

Ques. When to except Prison Break Season 6?

Ans. One of the star cast “Purcell” has confirmed the season 6 but it is not yet confirmed by Fox. So, the comeback of the season is not fully sure. We can’t say when Prison Break season will arrive.

Ques. Is there any chance for the comeback of Prison Break Season 6?

Ans. Yes…there are chances for the Prison Break comeback as Purcell the cast member has confirmed the season. So, we can expect season 6.

Ques. Why Prison Break has only nine episodes in Season 5?

Ans. Firstly, 10 episodes were decided for season 5 but due to the tight schedule of the team, cast members, it was decided to end the season with only nine episodes.

Ques. Which is the best season of Prison Break?

Ans. According to the reviews and rating season, 1 is the best season. But if you talk about the episodes, which is the best then- here is a list according to the viewers:

  • GO ( S1E21)
  • FLIGHT(S1E22)
  • TONIGHT(S1E20)
  • SONA (S2E22)

Ques. With how many episodes, the last season ended?

Ans. Season 5 is the last season with only nine episodes.