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Princess Diaries 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

We did not anticipate The Princess Diaries, a 2000s cult hit starring the iconic Julie Andrews and the unpopular Anne Hathaway, to blow our minds. The film boosted Anne Hathaway’s career, and Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement was also well-received by the audience.

Although a conclusion to create a trilogy was discussed afterward, it was never initiated until today. So it appears that Genovia is grooming herself, and we’re all set for a return to the famous figure who will undoubtedly induce intense nostalgia.

Release Date of The Princess Diaries 3

Princess Diaries 3 has not yet been assigned a release date. We believe it would be worthwhile to wait a few more months for an epic film from the franchise. According to reports, the team has only begun working on the script penned by Aadrita Mukerji, who previously penned the renowned Supergirl. The upcoming installment is reportedly a continuation of Mia Thermopolis’s story, not the Princess Diaries novels by Meg Cabot

The Plot of Princess Diaries 3

Even if the film continues to tell Mia’s journey, there is still more to be revealed. The sequel deviates significantly from the book’s premise, in which Man ends up with Michael, the brother of her best friend, after a long affair. Since Robert Schwartzman did not reprise his part in the sequel, Chris Pine took over the role of Mia’s love interest.

Princess Diaries 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

Mia was crowned queen of Genovia at the conclusion of the film after changing the rule that stated a woman may only govern once after marriage. In the end, Andrew’s character expresses her love for her bodyguard, Joe (portrayed by Hector Elizondo).

In the upcoming Princess Diaries 3, Mia’s rule may alter from the last installment, and we anticipate more sleepover parties. Perhaps a third film will also reveal a great deal about her romantic life, revealing whether she ended up with Nicholas or someone mysterious.

The Cast of The Princess Diaries 3

The cast has not yet been confirmed because production on the film has barely begun. This leaves us in the dark about the return of the original cast. Julie Andrews has previously confirmed that she will not reprise her role as Queen Clarisse Renaldi, therefore we can be assured that she will not reprise the role.

As part of the festivities commemorating her AFI Life Achievement Award, she gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which she stated, “It feels too late to try it now. In my particular instance, that time period is too far to revisit. It’s a good idea, but I doubt it will ever be realized.”

Princess Diaries 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

Anne Hathaway confirmed in a 2019 edition of Watch What Happens Live that a draught for a third film in the franchise existed, and she had previously shown interest in returning. However, she recently revealed on Entertainment Tonight that she was “pushing for it” and “would more than entertain it.”

“I feel we could pull it off if only Julie Andrews were on board. She said that a green screen would be set up wherever she was and that we would make it happen.

Mandy Moore, who portrayed the school bully Lana Thomas on The Drew Barrymore Show in August, stated that she “would be game” to return.

The Recap of Princess Diary 2

Mia Thermopolis, a teenager with frizzy hair who is attempting to graduate high school with her closest friend Lily, will serve as the starting point for a summary of the entire Princess Diaries plot. She and her mother reside in San Francisco.

While she was barely exerting herself on a daily basis, she suddenly realizes that she is a princess who is next in line. Her grandmother, Queen Clarice, exposes the full narrative out of the blue, leaving her unsure about whether to accept or reject her inheritance.

The sequel begins with Mia’s arrival in the fictitious country of Genovia after she had confirmed her royal destinies. As she arrived, however, she realized that she needed to be married to claim the kingdom. Nicholas falls in love with Mia amidst the pandemonium, but she refuses to adopt the tradition of marrying for the sake of marriage.

According to what we know so far about the future installment, it will not be a reboot, but rather a continuation in which we will allegedly journey through Mia’s new life as Queen of Genovia.