Princess Agents Season 2 – When it is Coming?

Romantic dramas have always been popular among the people for a very long time. The theme of romance has always attracted a lot of audience making it one of the most watchable themes out of all. Nowadays, there have been a lot of romantic movies, Tv shows and web series available to watch. But only romance is not enough, there should be extra spice in the story by adding some action, thriller and suspense. If you are someone who shares the same interest like me then I have something different for you. Princess Agents is a popular series which is interesting to watch.

The first season has already been out and now the fans are looking for season 2. New to this series? Don’t worry because we’ll unfold every page for you. And if you are already a fan then stay till the end to know everything about season 2. 

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Princess Agents – What Do You Need to Know?

princess agents

A Chinese drama which has been in the top list of C-drama for a long time. This show is already popular around the world and you can understand the popularity by seeing the number of viewership that this show possesses. More than 40 Billion plus people have reportedly watched this show and the number is still rising. I mean the number is enough to know about the popularity of the show. The romantic but not so romantic drama is something that you shouldn’t miss. If you are wondering why I said so then the drama has more than romance.

Furthermore, the story is based on the Chinese novel named 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei written by the author Xiao Xiang Dong Er. 

The first episode was released on 5 June, 2017 and became an instant hit. Now it’s been more than 4 years since we last heard anything about season 2. The fans are hoping to get a season 2 because the ending of the first part was not so satisfying. But before heading further lets see the storyline of Princess Agent.

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Princess Agents – What Is It About?

Princess Agents

The storyline of Princess heart is something that you don’t miss for. The main reason for the popularity of Princess agents is its amazing storyline, which keeps the viewer busy throughout the story. Despite being the romantic theme of the story, it is more than that. The plot revolves around Chu Qiao, who is a poor innocent girl. The fictional story revolves around the time of Northern wei. During that time, the citizens were often kidnapped and later turned into slaves. 

Similarly, Chu Qiao was also kidnapped and thrown into a jungle. So that she can get into the hands of the rich kings. But luckily, Yan Xun and Yuwen Yue saved her life. Yan Xun is the prince of Northern yan. She was brought into the kingdom and there they all tortured her. She was witnessed of the cruelty and She decided to save her sisters from the harsh condition and take a pledge to save them from the rulers. While being there, she got noticed by Yuwen Yue. He started to make an effort on her and gave training about the various skills. 

The story later turns ups and downs when Yan Xun’s family was titled as a traitor. The false accusation leads to Yan Xun’s rude nature. The ending of this show was heartbroken but people still want to know more about the story. Many people complained that the ending was left in a cliffhanger and they wanna more. That’s why they were asking for season 2. Is it going to happen? Let’s find out in the next section. 

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Princess Agents Season 2 – Will There Be Season 2 or Not?

princess agents season 2

The first season ended on 1 August 2017 and since then people are waiting in the hope that one day they might get a season 2. The show ended in a cliffhanger and people are waiting to have at least a happy or a satisfying ending. The ending of Princess Agent leaves space for the much more story which is untold to us. Almost 40 Billion people are waiting to watch the second part and with this much of people, how can we not expect a second part?

People are demanding for a second installment over different social media sites from twitter to YouTube but we don’t have anything. There is no official statement regarding the second season. We don’t know whether there will be season 2 or not because there isn’t any such thing out by the producers of princess agents yet. 

If there will be anything regarding season 2 then we will surely be going to update you. 

Princess Agents Season 2 – What Is the Release Date?

By far now, there is no release date of Princess agents for the people. There is no official statement regarding the release date and we even don’t know whether the show is coming back or not. Neither the producers nor Hunan TV have reported anything about the second installment of the show. If there will be any updates, we’ll surely going to update this section.

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Where Is the Official Trailer of This Series?

If you are wondering about the official trailer of Princess Agents season 2 then so far there is no trailer for you guys. The official trailer is not released yet and if you are really obsessed with the show then we have a fan-made trailer for you. However, it is not a real one and it is just made for entertainment purposes. 

Final words 

The extra popular show which has been in the heart of people for a long time is Princess agents. With over 40+ billion views on different platforms, this show is one of the trending shows in china. Sets in ancient times but perfectly matched the storyline according to today’s world, Princess’s heart is definitely worthy to watch. The first season was released on 5 June 2017 and since then there is no news about anything else. There is no official statement regarding the second installment and nobody really knows whether it will take place or not.