Prince William is Reportedly Having Mental Health Problems On the Anniversary of the Death of His Mother

Particularly Prince William, the royal family is going through a lot at the moment. He is getting closer to taking the throne after losing his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, but he also has to deal with his brother, Prince Harry, being cut off from the family.

In addition, William is juggling the health issues in his family because his father, King Charles, and wife, Kate Middleton, are both receiving cancer treatment. Fans are left wondering how the royals are managing things because there is a lack of information regarding their diagnoses and future plans.

Despite maintaining a tough public front, a recent article alleges that Prince William is experiencing mental health issues, particularly in light of the passing of his mother Princess Diana on July 1.

William Is Having Trouble Dealing With Diana’s Death Anniversary

Royal analyst Jennie Bond recently told OK! Magazine, “The anniversary is obviously always a very sensitive time for William and it is such a shame that he cannot share his feelings with the only other human being on earth who really knows what it was like to lose Diana: his brother, Harry.”

The expert speculates that William is currently experiencing extreme loneliness based on his body language, and that the suffering is probably being exacerbated by not having his brother Prince Harry to lean on in difficult times.

“This past year, William has looked incredibly alone at times, having to take on the roles of a husband caring for his wife while she battles cancer, a father of three small children, and a son whose father has cancer—and having no brother or mother to turn to for a little TLC,” Bond went on.

Why William Is Supposed To Make Kate Proud?

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Bond states that even though Kate is going through personal health issues, she anticipates the princess has been William’s consolation.

She continued, “I’m sure the princess would be incredibly proud of how bravely William has handled everything that has happened over the past few months.”

Despite Kate’s limited public appearances while undergoing treatment, William hasn’t avoided the spotlight. He even shared a selfie of himself with Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce as he and his two oldest kids were at a London Eras performance. Middleton was absent from the evening’s events.

The relationship between Kate and William started in 2001 while they were both attending St. Andrews University. Following a protracted courtship, they declared their engagement in November 2010 and were joined in marriage on April 29, 2011, in a lavish ceremony held at Westminster Abbey. Prince George was the couple’s first child, born in 2013. Princess Charlotte followed in 2015, and Prince Louis arrived in 2018.

Kate is still receiving treatment even though she just provided a public update stating that she is doing well despite her cancer struggle.


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