Prey for the Devil: is the Movie Set to Hit the Theatres This Halloween?

The forthcoming American film Prey for the Devil explores the occult, Thriller, Exorcism/Evil Possession, and horror genres. The film is directed by Daniel Stamm and written by Robert Zappa. The film is produced by Paul Brooks, Earl Richey Jones, Todd R. Jones, and Jessica Malanaphy, with Gold Circle Films and Lionsgate serving as production companies. Additionally, the film’s original distributor is Lionsgate.

Prey For The Devil Premiere Date

The Devil’s Prey The release date is October 28, 2022. According to a few sources, Although the film’s creators have not yet released any information regarding the availability of the film on other online streaming services, the film is scheduled to be released in theatres during the Halloween season.

Prey for the Devil

Where to watch Prey For The Devil?

The next horror film Prey for the Devil will be available to view in theatres on its official release date, October 28th, 2022. In addition to its theatrical release, the film will also be accessible to stream on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, Peacock, and Google Play, according to speculations.

The film’s creators and cast have not yet made any formal comments regarding the film’s online streaming availability. It is also unknown whether the film will be offered for free streaming on these streaming sites or will be for sale to the viewers.

The Cast of Prey For The Devil

Prey for the Devil Release Date

  • Sister Ann (played by Jacqueline Byers).
  • Little Ann (played by Debora Zhecheva).
  • Father Quinn (played by Colin Salmon).
  • Dr. Peters (played by Virginia Madsen).
  • Cardinal Matthews (played by Ben Cross).
  • Father Dante (played by Christian Navarro).
  • Sister Euphemia (played by Lisa Palfrey).
  • Father Raymond (played by Nicholas Ralph).
  • Father Bernhard (played by Velizar Binev).

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The Storyline of Prey For The Devil

The plot of Prey for the Devil centers around the concepts of demonic possession and exorcism. Due to an increase in demonic possessions around the world, a catholic church reopens its exorcism schools to assist and train priests in the art of performing exorcisms.

Prey for the Devil Release Date

On this spiritual battlefield, a young nun emerges as an improbable warrior at this time. Sister Ann, a young nun played by Jacqueline Byers, steps in to learn the exorcism procedure. Even though nuns are prohibited from performing exorcisms, a professor (played by Colin Salmon) recognizes Sister Ann’s abilities and instructs her.

With the student’s father (played by Christian Navarro), sister Ann finds herself on the spiritual front lines and embroiled in a war for the girl’s soul. Sister Ann believes that the girl is possessed by the same demon that tormented her mother years ago. She eventually realizes that the devil wanted her exactly where she was.

What to Expect from Prey for the Devil?

Prey for the devil is a horror film dealing with the topic of exorcism, which is banned for female nuns to perform. In this future film, however, the female heroine will assume the role of a male parent performing an exorcism. The film will be full of terror, suspense, and sinister exorcisms. It is anticipated to be unlike any other horror film and will contain a heightened severity of demonic possessions.

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Final Words

As can be seen, Prey for the Devil appears to include every element of a conventional possession film. I’m not sure if this trailer reveals too much information. In films like these, discovering the reason for the haunting or possession is a major part of the entertainment. I wonder what else the film has to offer after what we’ve learned here. I am also curious about the types of scares it provides. We will have to wait until Halloween to discover the answer.